Blog Advertising – Beer Widgets for free traffic to your site!

Blog Advertising - Beer Widgets for free traffic to your site!

Hi all,

I’ve been a little busy with building some beer widgets that give you free traffic to your site.

You can get these cool beer widgets that give you 50 Beer Credits which you can use 10 Beer Credits to get 1 unique visitor to your site.

In simple words, you send 1 click through the beer widget to SiteHoppin and SiteHoppin sends you 5 clicks. It’s the best exchange ratio that exists on the internet today so go grab your beer widget.

It’s sorta like a traffic exchange program except there’s also lots of users who are there to find new sites.

Oh yeah, the first 50 people to put the widget get a “lifetime” rotating banner ad (125×125 pixel) on SiteHoppin sidebar, a deal you must not miss. (There 7 widgets up so, you still got chance if you act early.)

Here’s the link to the details.

Oh kay, enough with Beer Widgets, I will be posting more cool tech stuff starting tomorrow after I do my taxes, and take care of some stuff.  Cheers~

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