Best Portable Camcorder – Flip Mino HD Review!

After having months of using my Aiptek 1080P HD camera, I’ve decided that I finally had enough of the bad microphone, bad zoom, MOV files only, and bad night filming so I bought the Flip Mino HD.  (Btw, Aiptek and MinoHD are about the same prices, highly recommend MinoHD over Aiptek, don’t waste your money on Aiptek, it sucks!)

This Flip Mino HD camcorder is probably the best portable HD camcorder for your money.  Not only is Flip Mino HD about the size of your cellphone, it practically does everything it needs to, including recording crisp 720P HD videos.

Here’s some of the highlights of the Flip Mino HD camcorder:

  1. The internal microphone Flip Mino HD is really exceptional, it will record everything in crisp and clear sound.
  2. Flip Mino HD will perform under very dark conditions, even in complete darkness as evidenced by the video I took with it below.
  3. Smooth zoom in and out allows you to make very good transitions in your video.
  4. Embedded USB makes charging and connection to a computer easy.  Plus, Flip Mino’s recording software is embedded in the camera so you don’t need to carry a CD everytime you switch your computer.
  5. The Flip Mino’s native MP4 files and Flip Mino’s recording software allows you to easily export to .wmv files, which is great for PC users who like to use Windows Movie Maker to edit their videos.  The Flip Mino’s software also easily works on Macs.

With that said, I have to say this is going to let me take a LOT of videos.  Even though there’s a 60 minute recording time, it isn’t much of a hassle unless you are thinking of taking long movies more than an hour long.  Even then, it’s so easy to transfer your videos to the computer, I don’t see it much of a hassle since I have a netbook that I carry with me everywhere.

Trust me on this, I have over 20 hours of video with my Aiptek HD camera, you don’t use it often because the Aiptek sucks with no sunlight plus the audio is so horrible.  Going with the Flip Mino HD is the right choice for those of you who want the best portable camcorder for the lowest price.

Where to get the Flip Mino HD


(Boy, this is the best portable HD camcorder ever.  720P HD is good enough resolution for this small beast.  Even the best online video sites only support upto 720P yet so I don’t see why you need 1080P.)


(Flip Mino HD side-by-side with my Blackberry 8830.  Size does matter when you need small things in life, not big, bulky camcorders.)


(Flip Mino HD’s embedded USB is great since I can recharge the camcorder on the go with my Duracell inverter in my car.)

Here’s a lengthy video of actual 720P Flip MinoHD footage that includes day/indoor/night shots plus complete darkness too.  (try flippin’ around as the video is sorta long.)

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