ASUS UL30Jt Hands-on Review Video!

Probably the best part of CES was the ASUS UL30Jt for me as I just bought the ASUS UL30Vt, here’s the best of the show, my hands-on review video of the ASUS UL30Jt.

Call me nuts but I am an ASUS addict, I hope ASUS rep contacts me for sending me sample reviews of the laptop soon.

By the way, internet was WAY too slow here in Las Vegas, mostly due to CES attendees who abused every internet service provider. I also heard that Facebook had it’s highest trafficked day in history on CES 2010 day 1. But internet is getting mysteriously faster here in Vegas, probably due to people leaving for home.

Well, I’ve got another day before I go home, I think I am gonna hit up the tables real quick. Btw, I won some money last night at Blackjack, I should have a how-to article soon on “how to win at blackjack in vegas” soon.

C ya, enjoy the video buds and I have about a million videos I plan to upload once I get back to San Fran.

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