ASUS U30Jc Hands-on Review at CES 2010!

UPDATE: ASUS U30Jc is now available for pre-order on eBay!!!

UPDATE2: ASUS U30Jc is now available for pre-order on Amazon!!!

The ASUS U30Jc is a beast with an Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU, one of the first ASUS laptops with Intel Core i3/i5 CPUs.

We suspect that final U.S. version would come with the Intel i5 CPU, which should be much zippier than ULV processors that has been used on UL series, which are thin and light but lack the processing power an Intel i5 processor can provide.

Apart from the performance upgrades in CPU, the U30Jc comes with DVD/Blu-ray disc drive, up to 640GB hard drive, up to 4GB DDR of system memory.

The laptop itself is pretty hefty. Of course, don’t forget that this laptop isn’t make to be thin and light like the UL30V series. On the upside, this laptop will prove plenty of performance for those of you who need to play games yet you don’t want a full-fledged gaming laptop. I can see this laptop being a great “portable” gaming laptop or even a “portable” HD video editing laptop.

ASUS also has some really nice keyboard-backlit 3D gaming laptops, we will dive into that next.

I will update this post when video is fully processed on YouTube. For some reason, my video processing is taking forever so, check back on this post or my youtube channel at

One thing I have to note is the metallic, matte keyboard/touchpad that does a nice job of preventing fingerprints over the other ASUS laptops. Plus I think this matte finish is easier and much smoother for browing the web using the touchpad.

Pre-order yours on Amazon for $899 here

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