Accu-Circ – Future of Circumcision is here!

Future of Circumcision is here!

Okay, this post might gross some of you out a little but circumcision is fact of life and 95% of males have to face it some time in their life. Basically, Accu-Circ is a new surgical tool that allows quick and easy circumcision for newborns and alike. There are some videos on the site if you are into this type of medical device on the site. I did take a look myself and it seems like this device will change how people are circumcised in the future. I remember being circumcised at age of 7, and having to carry a freakin’ cup for like a month. What a horrible experience, this gadget could change all of that.

The AccuCirc is an innovative, new circumcision device that helps physicians provide precise, consistent and reliable outcomes. It combines the delicate crush and cut of the foreskin into a single lever action, eliminating bulky clamps, painful pins and freehand scalpels, significantly simplifying the procedure.

The AccuCirc utilizes two revolutionary devices to provide predictable, consistent results: a flexible foreskin probe and a clamp-and-cut device. These two parts work together to reduce trauma to the infant, provide convenience for the physician, and shorten the procedure time.

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