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How to Make DIY Animatronic Mouth Robot!


Want to make yourself a DIY animatronic mouth robot?  Check out PyroElectro.com’s instructions on how to build one of these using PIC controller and servos.

In this tutorial I will show you two simple methods for building a believable robotic mouth. One articulated and moveable, the other an LCD flashing design. Both animatronic mouth designs create a believable illusion for your animatronic robot and can be built on a modest DIY budget.

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Top 10 DIY Arduino Projects and HOW-TO Tutorials!


Arduino has been widely popular among hackers and DIY-addicts out there for modding/hacking things.

For those of you just entering the Arduino world, here’s a bunch of great Arduino tutorials/projects that can help you jump-start your next project.

1) Did you know that you can program/flash your Arduino wirelessly?  For those of you who are going to be making devices where the Arduino is hidden from easy access, read up on how you

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Robot Shape Metal Alarm Clock


Max’s Note: I’ve seen these robot clocks before, they are awesome for circuit soldering so the clock can hold stuff for you while you solder.

Put this Robot Clock on your bedside table and make him bend to your will. And that is a literal bending since all of his joints are actually movable and poseable. He has some alligator clamps on the end of his hands to hold pictures or anything else you want kept close to you as you sleep. When the

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Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY – #AT&T #FAIL


I have one thing to say about this video from AT&T, Seth Bloom is NOT a blogger, I don’t know him, I don’t know any blogger who know him.

The videos starts with, “Hey, it’s Seth THE BLOGGER GUY…”

I stopped watching because I am a REAL BLOGGER GUY and I am furiously mad because that’s NOT ME nor does that represent any “blogger guys” out there.

LIES, LIES, and more

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DIY – How to Make your own Pixar Wall-E Robot!

DIY - How to Make your own Pixar Wall-E Robot!

Yey, here’s how to make your Pixar’s Wall-E Robot!

This is my Wall-E project that I am currently working on it is 150mm x 150mm x 160 high, it uses a pair of Mattracks for motive power and two robosapienV2 hip motors. It will be controlled by a BS2P40 stamp cpu and will have the following functions described below. I build robots quite prolific but my let down is programing but learning I have a friend at Robocommunity GWjax who is programing it for me, From this I hope to learn how this program is put together and eventually pr

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Brain Controlled Robot From Japan!

We’ve had many previous blog posts on brain-controlled robots.  Well, here’s another one to keep your mind interested!

Japan scientists at the Honda Research Institute have unveiled the world’s first brain to machine interface. Dubbed BMI short for Brain Machine Interface this new technology system will enable people to control robots using their mind.


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DIY Robot Ramen Replaces Chef in Japan!


Here’s an interesting story of a ramen-making DIY robot that can make up to 40 million different flavors of ramen.  As an avid eater of Korean and Japanese ramen, this is the most perfect idea for making ramen as robots can do them flawlessly, there’s no reason why anyone ever needs chefs for ramen anymore.

The ramen-making robot was built by 60-year-old shop owner Yoshihira Uchida, who spent about 20 million yen on its construction. Customers can place their orders

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Breakdancing Robot!


Tight, a breakdancing robot!  It can be had for $1500, sounds like dream come true for parties.

This Manoi humanoid robot is somehow able to go from a headspin pretty much directly into the splits. Is that even physically possible? Probably not, and that’s why robots are better than humans.

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Top 10 Weird and Bizarre Gadgets!

Budweiser is going viral with its beer-filled Bud USB flash memory drive.

Solar powered vibrator??? Oh my gawwd.

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Pole Dancing Robots!


Hehe, this is funny as hell.

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