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Nexus One Hack – How to Hack(Tether) Your Nexus One into a WiFi Router!


You probably remember when I hacked my Palm Pre into a WiFi router when it came out months ago.  Well, I decided to do the same thing on my Nexus One too!

I know I mentioned this Nexus One Wifi hack couple weeks back but didn’t try it myself and found that instructions out there are very lacking so I made my own

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KSSN (Korean Social Security Number)! HACKED!

What is KSSN?  It’s Korean Social Security Number for every Korean citizen.  Why is this important?  Because practically 100% of Korean websites require you to put in your KSSN as part of any website registration process.

I know, compared to the U.S., this can be rather frustrating because you are practically risking exposure of your private matters everytime you sign up for a new website.

Well, I guess recently there has been a lot of talk in Korea (that I noticed) that these uni

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Lens Hack – How to Hack Pentax K-Mount Lenses to Canon DSLRs!


For those of you DSLR-addicts out there like me, you might be happy to learn that there’s a way to hack Pentax K-mount lenses to fit your Canon DSLRs. Since Pentax K-mount lenses are much cheaper than auto-focus lenses out there, you might be able to save a bunch of money by buying and hacking these K-mount lenses to fit your Canon DSLR.

I think I will actually try this myself with my Canon 7d soon.

Enjoy bokeh heaven with an easy supply of fast prime lenses at prices that are a fraction

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Satellite Dish Hack – How to Hack a Satellite Dish to Build a Long Range WiFi Antenna!


For those of you who need to setup your own long-range WiFi antenna, did you know you can recycle an old satellite dish into a long-range wifi antenna?   This could be great for setting up your own private WiFi network over open land and useful range could be up to 125 miles.

Besides that, you could probably even set it up to pick up some free WiFi around your neighborhood for sheezy.

Indeed, you c

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How to Hack(Tether) Your Nexus One into a USB/WiFi 3G Modem!

UPDATE: See my step-by-step HOWTO guide on how to install USB/WiFi/Bluetooth tethering on your Nexus One over at my new blog Nexus One Hacks!

Probably as soon as “wifi” tethering is available for the Nexus One, I might start hacking my own Nexus One phone (

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Panasonic Hack – How to Hack Panasonic HDTV with its Built-in Hex Editor!


Here’s some great news for Panasonic HDTV owners, now you can learn to hack your Panasonic and access its built-in hex editor.  We do not know whether what kinds of hacks are possible but this certainly opens doors for hackers to start modifying/customizing their HDTV.

The hack works on the G10 models of plasma TVs and uses the service menu to gain access to the EEPROM memory. With a few quick steps you can change some data with a built in hex editor, unlocking several new settings menus, or bricking your entertainme

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MiFi Hack – How to Hack Verizon MiFi WPA!


It’s probably not worth it your time to hack a Verizon MiFi but here’s a great blog post showing you that it can be done and vulnerabilities that exist within the default Verizon WPA settings.

The Verizon MiFi is a great tool, but the engineering team who created the default password mechanism should have taken into consideration the limited entropy in the selection of passwords, and the well-publicized attacks against WPA-PSK networks to limit customer exposure.

via willhackforsushi

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Nexus One Gets Updated with Multi-Touch!

Here’s some good news for Nexus One users, Google has officially updated its latest Android 2.1 update with full multi-touch support! Hurray! Apparently, my Nexus One still isn’t updating but Google says the update should be rolling out to everyone by end of the week.

That means we no longer need to

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Food Hack – How to Make Your Own Breakfast Cereal!


Cereal is probably one of my favorite breakfasts that can get me all kinds of vitamins and milk into my body in one setting quickly. (which is why I like it)

Although my favorite is CoCo Puffs (which probably isn’t good for me other than vitamins in it and the milk I ingest along with it), there’s a better, more natural way to make your own breakfast cereal as red velvet girl explains in her blog:

In a large bowl combine: puffs, nuts and dried fruit. Driz

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Motorola Milestone Hack – How to Root Milestone!


Motorola Milestone, the European version of Motorola Droid intro-ed here in the U.S., has been hacked to access root.  Once hacked, you can also do things like WiFi tethering and lots more.

On the side note, I will be hacking my Nexus One soon too so watch for that.

via engadget

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