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Circuits – How to Build an Automatic Battery Charger!


For those of you trying to build an automatic battery charger for your next project, take a look at this project as free schematics are provided for all your auto-charging needs and for reference.

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Wireless Gadget Charger!


If you have been keeping up with technology, it’s true, there’s actually ways you can wireless transmit energy.

Best yet, here’s a simple DIY that you can follow to experiment the wireless charging technology yourself.

Inductive Coupling uses magnetic fields to transfer power. There is a primary coil, which generates a magnetic field. Then there is another secondary coil which is composed of a capacitor and a coil, the capacitor creates a resonant circuit with the primary and secondary coils. Seem easy? Well, before publishing this instructable I found many u

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Circuits DIY – How to Make a Weather Station!


Here’s an impressive weather station project you can make that will show you bunch of great current weather conditions.  I do highly like the graph part, it can be developed even further to allow internet remote monitoring and more.

Now this was a huge project! All sensors had to be fully tested one at a time, wireless communication had to be perfect, various LCDs were tried. Nevertheless, here’s the result: hope you enjoy it!

The circuit may be powere

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Recycled Computer Parts Jewelry!


Have a geeky girlfriend who enjoys more time tinkering with the solder and circuits than makeup?  Well, even if your gf d

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Toy Mini RC Hovercraft!


For the ultimate hovercraft toy, you might want to consider getting this Toy Mini RC Hovercraft which allows you and your friend to race indoors without causing a havoc like wheeled-RC toys can.  Of course, if you want to learn some circuits along the way, check out our Zedomax Hovercraft DIY.

The World Smallest Indoor Infrared Control Hovercraft IR Control: FORWARD, RIGHT and LEFT Indoor usage Simple charging system Length: 10.5 cm Usually ship

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DIY Color-Changing LED Coasters!


Here’s a cool set of DIY colo-changing LED coasters.  Basically, it runs on solar power, LEDs light up in red for hot drinks and blue for cold drinks.

Looks pretty simple to make, maybe a good idea for your next circuits projects.

Smart Coasters are cast-plastic coasters for your drink that light up red when you put a hot drink on top and light up blue with a cold drink. The design is fully analog– no microcontrollers and no programming– and they incorporate a solar cell so that the whole thing is hermetically sealed: wate

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Wii HACK – How to Hack a Wii Sensor Bar from a TV Remote Control!

Wii HACK - How to Hack a Wii Sensor Bar from a TV Remote Control!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to hack a Wii sensor bar from a TV remote control.  Now, you can learn about electronics and circuits while re-making your favorite sensor bar.

Dad and I were trying to build a Wireless Sensor Bar and managed to do one that is all wires and batteries. Then He Started digging through all of his remotes around the house and found a couple that didn’t work on anything. so we set off to work on a “Version 2″ so to speak. We took one of the remotes and cut off part of the Circuit board and then drill

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DIY HACK – How to Make an LED Orgami!


The idea here is simple.  Stick an LED and 3V 2032 battery into a paper cube orgami thingee.

Great idea, well executed.

This little LED-lit cube is much more than just a paper lantern: It’s a translucent and flexible thin-film electronic circuit that hooks up a battery to an LED, limber enough to be folded into an origami box. And the coolest thing about circuits like these? You can make them at home.

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DIY HACK – How to make a cheap Lie Detector!

DIY How to make a cheap Lie Detector!


Here’s a funny cheap lie detector you can make. I don’t know if it really works since there’s no circuit diagrams but you can find lots of lie detector circuit diagrams on the internet like this one I found in about 5 seconds:

Yes, these lie detectors probably won’t work on cats, maybe try dogs. 🙂

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DiscoLitez – Winamp Plugin that allows you to build cool party lights!


Check out this cool Winamp plugin that allows you to convert Winamp songs to sound-activated lights!

DiscoLitez is a Winamp plugin that allows you to control lighting equipment from your computer. This is done using the printer port and some external switching/driving circuitry. At the moment, you’ll have to build the circuits yourself, but they are not complicated.

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