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How to ROOT Galaxy S2!


My friend recently brought over a European/Asian version of Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, I couldn’t resist to root the phone to give his phone superpowers. You can read up on full step-by-step instructions on how to root your Galaxy S2.

Btw, Galaxy S2 is the thinnest smartphone I’ve ever touched and probably the fastest/best phone I’ve tried, highly recommended.

Here’s also a hands-on review of the Galaxy S2 phone I made the other day:

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How to Make a DIY SMS Text Party LED Scroller!


Using a Google Voice account, a web server, BetaBrite scrolling LED, Brian Gaut from Plasma2002.com has created a DIY party LED scroller that lets your friends and guests to SMS text sorta like those large displays at shows and events.

Best of all, Brian posted all of his PHP code so you can easily replicate it, you only have to buy the parts.

After testing the sign at a party held at home, I noticed that people really seemed to enjoy it. One part of it that led to people enjoying it was the fa

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DIY Cat Elevator! [MUST SEE]


This is the most hilarious yet useful and genuine project, YouTube user CrazyMrJohn builds a DIY cat elevator that your cat can use to safely go up and down your house. Best of all, the cat is equipped with IR sensor so only he can be using the elevator. This is pretty awesome. via hackaday

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How to Make a DIY Nightvision Sniper Rifle!


For those of you who need a better nightvision perhaps for hunting rifles or maybe just for some fun in the dark like ghosthunting, you might want to check out YouTube user SnyperCats’s latest project where she attaches a nightvision camcorder, IR flashlight, and IR illuminator to her rifle that allows her to pinpoint targets hundreds of feet away in pitch dark.

Here’s a video that shows you the nightvision sniper rifle used to control rat populations:

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iPhone 5 Imagined [Video]

Can you imagine what iPhone 5 would look like?

Aatma Studio has put together their own concept version of the iPhone 5, which features ultra-thin display/phone, holographic display, and a multi-touch adjustable virtual keyboard.

From what we have seen so far from Apple in the last couple launches of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G, this is probably very unlikely.

Hey but you can always enjoy this video, it seems to me more like iPhone 10.

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Symbian Belle Video – Nokia’s New Mobile OS! [MUST SEE]

Symbian Belle

Above is the video of Nokia’s latest mobile OS, Symbian Belle, which “finally” does a lot of things that other smartphones do already. The video is in French but we can see clearly from the video that Nokia has finally stepped up and did something about their losing shares of the mobile market.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Nokia is going to pick up raving fans like Android or iOS just yet but it does look very promising.

Nokia who? Sorry, there’s a company that makes cellphones called Nokia for those of you who don’t know.

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How to Make a Tree Climbing Arduino Robot!


Here’s the coolest robot of the week you can build, a tree climbing Arduino robot!  I love this idea and would like to take the concept further by adding some wireless cameras so I can snoop on the baby birds hatching. See Instructables for full instructions on how to make one yourself.

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HP TouchPad Runs Android 2.2.1!


Developers have found a way to run Android OS on the HP TouchPad. The good part is that TouchPad is no longer just a piece of deadware but its life could be elongated with installation of Android OS.

The bad part is that it’s still running Android Froyo, which isn’t a great OS for the tablet device and we would like to see Android Honeycomb running on it.

And of course, I probably wouldn’t install Android on a HP TouchPad anyways, WebOS is actually has some really good UI (user interface) I wouldn’t trade Android for.

What do you think?

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Gelsight – New 3D Surface Sensing Material!


Just when you thought fingerprint sensors was cutting-edge technology, Gelsight comes along, a new 3D surface sensing material that can detail at even microscopic levels.

Gelsight has many applications such as using it as a 3D scanning sensor and even find out the small details in a bullet mark. This is pretty top-notch stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it implemented in future 3D fingerprinting applications. See Gelsight.com for more details.

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Virginia Earthquake’s Seismic Waves march across the US!


About 12 hours after Virginia’s earthquake hit, I “felt” an earthquake right here in California, which I am 100% certain caused by seismic waves that traveled across the U.S. and caused a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Oakland, California.

Well, I thought that was just my guess, today I found this video on YouTube animating that’s what actually happened!

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