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How to Make a Tree Climbing Arduino Robot!


Here’s the coolest robot of the week you can build, a tree climbing Arduino robot!  I love this idea and would like to take the concept further by adding some wireless cameras so I can snoop on the baby birds hatching. See Instructables for full instructions on how to make one yourself.

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How to Make DIY Animatronic Mouth Robot!


Want to make yourself a DIY animatronic mouth robot?  Check out’s instructions on how to build one of these using PIC controller and servos.

In this tutorial I will show you two simple methods for building a believable robotic mouth. One articulated and moveable, the other an LCD flashing design. Both animatronic mouth designs create a believable illusion for your animatronic robot and can be built on a modest DIY budget.

via hackedgadgets,

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How to Make a DIY Music-Syncing Dancing Robot!


I’ve always wanted to do this, jazz up my night time with dancing robots that sync to your music.

You can check out full instructions at Make. Also, there’s a guide on using low-cost solenoids to save you a bit more money while building one of these DIY dancing robots. via ma

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Bird Robot that FLIES Like a Bird!


This is the most amazing bird robot that FLIES like a real bird, MUST SEE!!!

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DIY Roomba Rodeo Robot!


Have some time to kill? How about adding a rodeo robot to your Roomba while it’s cleaning your hardwood floors?

via hackedgadgets, Project Page

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DIY Beer Robot Controlled By a Wiimote!


Just when you needed another beer and try to grab it, the beer walks away by itself!

If this has happened to you recently, you’ve been punked by the DIY beer robot.

via hackaday, getrobo

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DIY Pool Robot Practicing to Enter World Professional Billiard Championship!


Have you ever seen a robot playing pool?  That’s right, this DIY Pool robot can play some serious game and even moves around the table to find the best angles. Check out the video after the jump, amazing.

Thomas Nierhoff, a masters student at Technische Universität München (TUM), used a human-sized mobile robot with dual 7-DOF arms that’s able to manipulate a pool cue similarly to how a human does. A camera above the tabl

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Raytheon Exoskeleton XOS 2 Robotic Suit!


For those of you who are fan of Ironman, you might want to take a look at what the latest military robotic suit looks like, it’s capable of letting you do hundreds of push-ups, lift heavy objects, and more without you actually trying.

via engadget

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DIY Robotic Table (that walks yeah…)


I know all of you are wondering, “What the…”

Yup, this table can walk!  It’s world’s first table that can walk with a little help from a human being.

Pointless or ingenious?

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DIY High Voltage Power Line Inspecting Robot!


You might remember the guys who fly in helicopters in special suits to work on the high voltage power lines. (see here for the awesome video)

Well, there’s a solution for that, someone’s working on a robotic version so we don’t have to worry about roasted humans.

This actuall

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