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DIY Radioactive NUCLEAR Music!


Ever wonder what radioactive elements would sound like if the isotopes were substituted for music?

Well, Axel Boman has created a website where you can select your favorite radioactive nuclear elements and make your own music. It works rather well and you can create some really soothing sounds.

Click Here to try it out.

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How to Make DIY Credit Card Earbud Holder!


I own a ton of earbuds and I usually store them in earbud cases that I got with my nicer earbuds but for those of you who don’t have an earbud case, I highly suggest you to make a DIY credit card earbud holder such as shown above to protect your investment.

The #1 reason why earbuds fail is because users don’t protect them and put them all tangled in their pockets and whatnot.  When earbuds tangle, there’s more likely chance you are going to break them in places.  I’ve personally broken many ear

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How to Make a DIY Amplifier for Less Than $20!


Dino Segovis from, has put an excellent tutorial on how to build your own DIY Amplifier for less than $20 with LM386 chip and parts bought from RadioShack.

As you can see in the video below, this 1/2 watt DIY amplifier is pretty powerful little amp, all encased in an altoids tin. This small amp even has a guitar jack and ability to distort sounds, pretty darn impressive for a small circuit.

I think this is a great, simple circuit for those of you who want to build your amps. In fact, I will have

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DIY Book Xylophone!


What do you think will happen when you use books (yes real books, not e-books) as hitting pad for a xylophone?

You get a DIY Book Xylophone, capable of auto-playing tunes and also giving you pleasure of thumping/punishing your old hack books you’ve already read a thousand times.

A guy in Japan made this, very interesting read although Google Translate isn’t working all that perfectly.

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Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman Review!


Probably the “best” portable MP3 player I owned in my whole, entire life is a Sony Walkman MP3.  I bought it back in around 2006 and it was like a 2GB MP3 player.  What impressed me the most about that Sony MP3 player wasn’t that I couldn’t browse the web on it but the battery life was excellent.  On just 1 minute charge, my Sony Walkman could go for 3 hours on fu

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Roland JUNO-Di Review!


For those of you interested in making your own music (perhaps for mixing your own trance music like a DJ, the Roland JUNO-Di could possibly the synthesizer you need.  This synthesizer is pretty cool considering you can synthesize 1000 different instruments, edit with Mac/PC, and a whole lot more.

Check out this review video of this unit:

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How to Mix Like a Trance DJ!

Here’s a great video on how you can learn to become a trance DJ.

I’ve always wondered how music is made for trance since it’s all electronic.

Armin van Buuren is one of my favorite trance DJs (and also seen him at SF LoveFest couple years black), and who is better than Armin to show you how to DJ?

Armin explains that he uses a bunch of CDs (CD book) with each CD filled with just one track.

He also uses Que-cards, which allows him to pinpoint the section of track he wants to play.

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Kinect Hack – How to Use Kinect as an Air Guitar!


For those of you who are excited about Kinect (and I know the world is), here’s another reason why you should get a Kinect, then hack it into an air guitar!

First it thresholds the scene to find a person, then uses a histogram to get the most likely d

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How to Make Your Own DIY Shuffle!


For those of you who want to make your own DIY Apple Shuffle like device, here’s some free instructions and schematics that could help you jumpstart the new project.

This player features a shuffle mode, basic track navigation, volume control, FAT32 support, fragmented file support, an unlimited number of files on the root directory, and high quality playback. Files at 256Kbps can be played without a hitch. Variable bitrate files are supported with peaks up to 320Kbps.

WAV files are also supported, but they have to be less than CD quality unless you put a faster o

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Top 5 Best Jazz Musicians!

Once upon a time in my life, I used to be all crazy about saxophone and jazz and yes, I used to play some blues on my  alto sax too.   I loved jazz because of its improvisation on solos, which is a spontaneous way to create music on the go.

Anyways, here’s my top 5 picks for best Jazz musicians, I can whistle most of them by heart. (Sorry, I am a bit biased towards saxophonists.)

#1 Ornithology by Charlie Parker – I think this one song is probably the best jazz of all time. Many people don’t get it but I used to spend months on trying to play this very so

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