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How to Make a DIY Boat Motor With a DRILL!


For those of you with a row boat to get around the lake behind your backyard, first let’s say you are lucky to live in such a nice place.  Second, you can make yourself a cheap boat motor with a DRILL!  This is the coolest invention ever that could help you get around the lake using the power of your drill.

via hackaday,

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Lockheed Martin’s Samarai Micro Air Vehicle Flies with only Two Moving Parts!


Last week we saw world’s first bird robot that actually flies like a real bird. Well, do you think someone can do a little bit better?

The answer is yes, Lockheed Martin, largest private company in the U.S. that makes missiles for the U.S. government (and also my friend’s dad used to work at) shows off their latest “micro” air vehicle that flies using only two moving parts and weighs less than half a pound.

Incredible or do you think this is useless?

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WASP is a Wireless Aerial Surveillance Drone that can Crack WiFi/GSM on the Fly LITERALLY!


Here’s an incredible hacking machine of the decade you will ever see, it’s a 14-pound, six-foot long, six-foot wingspan unmanned aerial vehicle built by Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins that can crack WiFi while flying in air and also intercept GSM calls from carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T.

What uses for this WASP?

This could be applied in many areas of spying on terrorists. Without them knowing, the drone can intercept their phone calls, SMS text messages, and even know every website they’ve visited.

See video of WASP in action here:

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DIY 14-Person Beer Pedal-Powered Vehicle!


Did you ever wonder what would happen if you mix pedal-powered vehicle, bunch of beer coolers, and 14-people to drive the engine while they got drunk off their a**es?

That’s exactly what we have here, a beer getaway vehicle that’s eco-friendly and  serves beer to its pedal helpers.

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American Airlines Adding Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablets to First Class!


Want to test drive out the new Galaxy Tab 10.1?  If you fly first class on American Airlines often, you should be expecting to get a chance to demo these units as American Airlines will be experimenting with customer satisfaction by giving their first class passengers the new tablet devices.

American Airlines is starting to offer Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 units to its first class passengers as an entertainment option during several flights, Mashable is repor

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Future of Airplanes! [VIDEO]


Do you ever wonder one day being able to play virtual simulation golf with your buddies in mid-flight to Asia somewhere?

Well, here’s a proof of concept on future of airplanes that shows you exactly that.  I do have doubts though, the way airline industry being run currently, there’s no way economy class is going to get any better than it is right now, airline industry makes way too much more money by putting passengers in overly-cramped seats for the next 100 years.  And talk about how it’s not really improved over the last 50 years.   But for those of y

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Boeing 747-8 Brake Performance!


Here’s a really interesting story of the Boeing 747-8 brake testing and performance, which utilizes 100% worn-out brakes on a 975,000-pound airplane. (That’s almost a million pounds!)

In April, the Boeing Test & Evaluation team brought the 747-8 Freighter to a long runway in California to simulate the ultimate rejected takeoff (RTO). Crews loaded the airplane above its maximum takeoff weight of 975,000 pounds (443,181 kilograms) and installed a set of 100% worn-

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How to Do Short Take Off and Landing with Single Engine Airplane!


I heard that many places in Alaska, there are no roads and the only way you can get home is via a small single-engine airplane.  Well, my gosh, the Alaskans have figured out how to land on rocks in just a couple feet!  And also take-off within just couple feet, this is simply amazing and don’t forget that they even have STOL (Short Take Off Landing) competition every year.

The key seems pretty simple enough, just attach some four-wheeler wheels to your single-engine airplane then deflate your tires to absorb more of the impact from landing and land short.


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Four Quadrocopters Fly in Sync!


Probably the tightest flying RC that I have seen with precision and control is the Hexacopter.  Hexacopter is basically like a helicopter but with 6 blades instead of one.

Of course, there’s also quadrocopter, which uses 4 blades.  You are about to see the most fabulous synchronization of four quadrocopters moving in perfect sync and harmony.  You could probably build an autonomous war machine with this, pretty darn cool I’d say.

You will have to amaze your own e

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Animated LED Lights at Galleria Mall, South Korea! [VIDEO]


These are probably one of the coolest animated LED lights I’ve seen, located at Galleria mall in Seoul, South Korea.

Last time I was in Seoul, I took a video so you can all see too.

via travel-korea

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