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DIY Remote Controlled, Dimmable LED Lamp!


Want to impress your friends when they are hanging out in your livingroom, perhaps watching football or basketball?

Build yourself one of these nifty DIY remote-controlled and dimmable LED lamps, it will probably also drive your cat nuts! (Watch video after the break.)

via hackaday, Project Page

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DIY Automated Home Brewery Robot!


Can you imagine being able to brew your own beer at home at the touch of a button?  And instead doing actual grunt work you get to enjoy your DIY automated home brewery robot get to work while you drink a sip of the last batch you made?

That’s exactly what this guy did, watch video after the break.

Now, if I can only figure out how to implement this for my Korean rice wine, that would put a big smile on my face ’till the day I die.

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Leave a comment Daily Deals on Gadgets!

Check out some of these great deals on gadgets this week from! 

Get a Kingston 16GB Ultimate Class 6 100X Secure Digital High Capacity Card

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Android gets “Thumbs” with Xperia Play!

Here’s a really funny Android ad for Xperia Play where the guy loses his thumbs to Android.

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How to Make Money with Image Traffic!


You’ve probably seen these Google ads popping up on images at and wondering what the heck it is.

For those of you bloggers and web content people out there, Pixazza is a new way to make money online with image traffic.

Basically you can put ads on images, which is automated by Pixazza, and you get a share of CPC Pixazza receives.

Pixazza is also a Google Venture-backed company, meaning they are probably the best for this type of image monetization.

You can read about the

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Latest on Import Cars!

We’ve been a bit lazy on cars but here’s the latest news from our import cars blog

    Check out this classic 1994 Acura Integra Si that has been turboed out! Thinking about adding a turbo to your import car?  I’ve done this when I was in high school, just make sure you don’t live in California as it’s illegal to add turbos to most non-turbo cars.  And check out this

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How to Make Korean Rice Wine, Makkoli!


Did you know that Korean rice wine called “Makkoli”, has 100 times more good bacteria (Lactobacillus) than yogurt for the same amount of serving?

It is probably the healthiest alcoholic drink in the world and many old timers who live long in Korea point to makkoli as one of the reasons why they are still healthy at the age of 90 or 100.

Also, it can be used as medicine for people with stomach aches. Amazing?

I’ve been guilty of drinking this healthy beverage for the last few years and 6 months ago I started making some from my home instead of

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Japan Earthquake Videos!

For those of you who want to see what the Japan earthquake was really like, here’s some videos from YouTube users during the actual earthquake of magnitude 8.9:

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Watch Japan Tsunami LIVE!

Last night, one of my friends pinged me about the latest happenings in Japan. I watched in horror as tsunami literally swept miles upon miles of Japanese seashore, taking buildings, cars, and thousands of people with it.

Well, last year there was a similar tsunami watch in Japan right after Chile earthquake, whi

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Skyscrapers in Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami Sway!

Check out this video of skyscrapers in Tokyo swaying back and forth during the latest Japan’s earthquake/tsunami. It’s a good thing those skyscrapers were able to hold off the earthquake, retrofitted with earthquake-proof foundations.

via gawker

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