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I got a Brand New 2011 Escalade Hybrid!

Check out my new ride folks, I got a brand, NEW 2011 Escalade Hybrid with 44″ offroad rims, no kidding!

Hahaha, can you take a joke?

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How to Make a “Virtual” Office!

For those of you jobless and want to impress your girlfriend, here’s how to make a “virtual” office!

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How to Kill Time With Photoshop!


For those of you who want to kill some time and have some fun photoshopping that photo of the hot girl in your college you took last week, do the above and maybe you can start a rumor.

via gizmodo

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What Happens When You Throw a Brick into a Washing Machine! [Weekend Joy]


Do you ever what would happen if you threw a brick into a washing machine?  Apparently, total destruction of the device and some good laughs.

See video after the jump.


via gizmodo, laughingsquid

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Weird DIY Light Switch!


Here’s a really “weird” DIY light switch that will really turn you away from switching that light on. It may be a good idea if you live a bunch of idiot roommates who leave their lights on. Better yet, install a spy camera to see their reactions.

Great prank.

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IR Hack – How to Make a DIY Infrared IR Jammer!


Tired of fighting your brother or sister for the control of the TV remote control?  Do not worry as your revenge is finally here, you can build yourself one of these nifty DIY Infrared IR Jammers, which will pretty much make any TV remote control come to a screeching halt and your family members won’t know why their remote is so broke.

The IR Jammer is a fun project that provides a bit of safe, non-destructive fun. The Infrared Remote Control Jammer allows you to re

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Sexy Hip Cushions May Bring out the Real “Man” in You!


For those of you girlfriend-less, just-not-good-with-girls people out there and those who are too-good with women, you might wan to think about this awesome Sexy Hip Cushion that may get you more comfortable being around women, or at least you will still be happy regardless.

Go ahead, do it, get one and yell out “hey babes” while you slap that lifeless butt.

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Can’t Afford a Real iPad? Get the iPad Dummy!


For those of you who want to get an iPad so you can brag to your friends about it (without letting them touch your iPad), you can now get the iPad Dummy, an authentic “dummy” iPad for just $49.

Did I just say “just” $49? Yup, it’s still a lot of cash to shell out but might all be worth it if you stuff a DIY android tablet kit.

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iPad Dissected!

Yup, I got hold of an iPad just now.   One of my friends work at the U.S. customs, he was able to score me one easily.  Of course, don’t tell anyone that I did this as my friend will probably get in trouble/fired from his job.

I got the iPad dissected pics here and also will be doing a hands-on review real soon.

P.S. Did you get it?

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Wanna Get Mugged? Get the Canon EF Lens Travel Mug!

Canon EF Lens Travel Mug

Believe it or not, this Canon EF Lens is actually a coffee mug.  Good idea?  Probably not as you are more likely to get mugged for carrying your coffee in public.  But then again, it’s a good prank, you can get it here. (Sold out but perhaps they might bring it back soon.)

via laughingsquid


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