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iPhone-Controlled DIY Disappearing Kitchen Island!


For those of you looking to add more space to your kitchen, you might want to take a look at what Tim Thaler did by building an iPhone-controlled disappearing kitchen island.  Simply genius!

After weeks of online research, Mr. Thaler decided a hydraulic scissor lift would make his dream possible. New, the 500-pound piece of machinery costs close to $4,500, but Thaler was able to find a used model on eBay for $380, including shipping. The lift sits in a uti

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Free DIY Furniture Designs and Instructions!


I’ve actually bought my first electric saw the other day and been cutting up bunch of stuff for practice.  My next goal is to build my own furniture and if you are thinking along those lines, you might want to check out these free DIY furniture designs and instructions.

This is going to be great, I am going to save a bunch of money on furniture.

I’ve got so many furniture designs going that I will never get to make, so I thought why not loan them out for others to see and use as they wi

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How to Make DIY Stairs Out of Plywood!


For those of you wanting to make your own stairs, perhaps an addition to your home where it needs it, here’s a great tutorial/example on how to make stairs out of plywood.

The amazing part? This guy used just one sheet of plywood to make the stairs you see here right now.

The hardest part about making your own DIY stairs seems to be planning and making sure you cut out the right pieces.  Nevertheless, I think I will bookmark this, surely there will be a time when someone

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How to Make a Car Couch!


I’ve always wanted to make something cool, I spotted this video on YouTube that shows you how to make a car couch!

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Floating Coffee Table!


Here’s a great idea for a coffee table, that uses small magnetic blocks to keep blocks afloat. The only problem with too much magnetics on a coffee table might be that you could easily erase your credit cards and whatnot.

Perhaps if they can put some kind of magnetic protection against that (shield it somehow) this could be a helluva floating coffee table.

via bedzine

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Egg Chairs!


Remember when we posted Google Pods where Google employees can take naps, relax, or do their own Zen thing?

Well, how about egg chairs you can use to get your work done?  I think egg chairs in general have a relaxing affect while you work.

Here’s a couple suggestions for those of you looking for good egg chairs for all-day computing:

Inmod has this classic egg chair, I think

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How to Build a DIY Interactive LED Coffee Table!


For those of you who want to make an interactive coffee table that will respond to your guests hand gestures, check out this cool DIY interactive LED coffee table, which uses photo-resistors to detect movement.

This is my instructable on building a simple LED table that works and responds in an analog manner. It was to be built of individual pods with 4 LED’s with th

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Coffee Table DIY – How to Make a Coffee Table Out of an Old Pinball Machine!


Projects such as this one inspire me where the author has recycled and re-made an old pinball machine into a coffee table.  Might work as great coffee table for your family room.

There I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden (as all good stories start) I found an old pinball machine at the dump. I promptly took it home and has help putting it in the house where it sat in my living room long enough to put rust stains on the carpeting where the metal feet sat.

It wasn’t complete enough to make it work without spending a lot of time and money on it.

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Furniture DIY – How to Make Built-in PC Furniture!


With PC computers, you can probably let your imagination run wild and embed your PC anywhere you like.  Such a built-in PC is demonstrated in this example where the author puts his whole desktop inside a drawer.

The server build was completed by fitting the Samsung hard drive behind the power supply. I made some mounting brackets out of right angled metal brackets I found at the hardware store (they are actually “concealed perlin cleats”). They allow enough height for me to eventually add a second hard drive underneath the first, although at this stage that space is fill

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LED Wood Furniture!


Want some new, unique furniture that will splice up your home?  How about making some LED wood furniture such as this?

via bedzine, make, fubiz

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