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Android gets “Thumbs” with Xperia Play!

Here’s a really funny Android ad for Xperia Play where the guy loses his thumbs to Android.

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How to Make Money with Image Traffic!


You’ve probably seen these Google ads popping up on images at and wondering what the heck it is.

For those of you bloggers and web content people out there, Pixazza is a new way to make money online with image traffic.

Basically you can put ads on images, which is automated by Pixazza, and you get a share of CPC Pixazza receives.

Pixazza is also a Google Venture-backed company, meaning they are probably the best for this type of image monetization.

You can read about the

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial!

Here’s the very first Samsung Galaxy Tab commercial. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

via androidtabletreview

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Xambox Allows You To Retrieve Your Documents From Anywhere!


For those of you who have a hard time dealing with physical papers, it’s time for you to start using a service like Xambox, which stores your documents securely in cloud and to be retrieved anywhere.

Of course, you probably want to know how I do it too, I just e-mail myself the important PDF documents via GMail.  

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How to Quit Your Job at Jet Blue!


This guy keeps hitting the news headlines for this whole week. Well, here’s a really funny Chinese translation of “How to Quit Your Job at Jet Blue!”

Hahaha, this guy’s a hero. I can’t believe they actually arrested him for that, what a waste of tax money, I hope he gets out free.

Remember if you don’t like your job, make a good exit.

via boingboing

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Credit Card Hack – How to Make a Credit Card Reader!


For those of you working on credit card systems, this could be helpful, learn how to make a credit card reader.  I think this could be nicely packaged to actually work well with online payment systems.

In order to get raw parsed data out of a magstripe reader, we first experiemented with a MAGTEK Centurion Keyboard Encoder (PN-21073062). We found that although we could get all 3 tracks of data, it was not possible to have it parsed out. We then purchased a raw magstripe decoder head with track 1 reading, the Omron V3A-6 (Datasheet here). By writing some parity checking code,

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U.S. Tax Hacks – How to Gift Money to Your Kids!

Did you know that there’s U.S. laws that tell you how much money you can gift your kids?

Basically each parent can gift each kid (or anyone, can be a friend, cousin, etc…etc..) $13,000 a year without any reporting and taxes.

That means both parents together can gift each of their kids $26,000 a year without having to pay any taxes.

Of course, don’t forget to send “separate” checks from each parent, that will make it clear that it’s coming from each parent.

What happens if you go over the annual limit of $13,000?

Uncle Sam gives

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Need a Job? – World’s Most Expensive Car Wash/Detailing – $10,950!



Need a job?  You might be able to get by like this guy by charging customer $10,950 per car wash/detailing.

What I think? This guy is very creative and essentially made of new market that didn’t exist before.

Hey, I bet there’s still not enough luxury car wash/detailers out there, why don’t you start selling the same service in your area?

Gurcharn Sahota, a 30-year-old accountancy graduate, is offering the world’s most expensive car wash service in Britain, with

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QR Code Billboards!


One day, our world will be filled with QR code advertisements and billboards everywhere and we won’t even need to carry our smartphones to decipher them, perhaps they will have wearable contacts that have smartphones embedded in them.

Until that day comes (probably after your life), we can still enjoy the joys of deciphering QR code billboards such as this one featured by Calvin Klein.

I hear Japan is already full of these, I will be on the watch out for the very first QR code billboard here in San Francisco.  In the meanwhile, please take a photo of your city&#

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Samsonite Travel Luggage Ad [Genius or Stupid?]


Here’s the latest ad for Samsonite’s Cosmolite, showing how light the travel luggage is while being able to be used as a hockey stick.

Genius or stupid marketing?

via bb

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