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Corvette C6 Proved to Be a Death Trap When Battery Dies!


Here’s some serious issues with Corvette C6s.  When the batteries die, the door release buttons stop working, therefore effectively trapping the driver in the car.  Of course, this may be funny if your friends are around but if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with 110 degree sun (perhaps somewhere in Arizona), there’s a good chance you might starve to death if your cellphone loses signal completely.  Murphy’s Law, it can happen. There is however, an emergency manual lever to open the doors when this happens but hey, there are people who don’t read

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Latest on Import Cars!

We’ve been a bit lazy on cars but here’s the latest news from our import cars blog

    Check out this classic 1994 Acura Integra Si that has been turboed out! Thinking about adding a turbo to your import car?  I’ve done this when I was in high school, just make sure you don’t live in California as it’s illegal to add turbos to most non-turbo cars.  And check out this

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Tractor DIY – How to Get Tractor out of Mud!


For those of you wondering how to get a tractor out of mud, I guess you can hook up a small log to one of the tractor’s wheels to get it out.  Pretty simple idea, well executed.

via bb

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San Francisco Gets Advanced Parking Meters that Accept Credit Cards!


Go out to dinner often where you have to feed the meter?  Tired of fiddling with your coins?  Perhaps it’s time for you to move to San Francisco where they have advanced parking meters that accept credit cards.

Why don’t every city in the U.S. have these?  That’s what I am wonderin’…

via sfblogg

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Motorola Roadster Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone Review! [Best Bluetooth Speakerphone 2010!]


One of the hot ticket items at CTIA 2010 this year was the Motorola Roadster Bluetooth In-car Speakerphone.  I decided to check out if it lived up to its hype and surprisingly, the Motorola Roadster exceeded my expectations.

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a DIY DSLR Car Mount by Hacking Your Tripod!


This year before I headed to CES 2010 I wanted to make sure my DSLR tripod could be used also as a steadicam by hacking one of the legs so I can use it as a handle.   Well, I failed doing that because this Manfrotto tripod is simply not going to be a steadicam by any means but recently I discovered another use for it, as a DSLR car mount.

By having one of the legs of the t

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Modded Hot Imports Roundup!


Here’s a quick round-up of what you missed from modded Hot Imports at

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Modified Hyundai Tiburon!


For those of you who want to “up” a Hyundai Tiburon with some gas of Nitrous while still leaving the car “legal” (without putting an aftermarket turbo, which is illegal in California where I live), check out this modified Hyundai Tiburon.  You aren’t going to burn Porsches every time but you could every once in awhile while you still have some nitrous in your tank.

Did you also know that “Tiburon” is the city’s name south of San Francisco?   Hyundai’s CEO liked Tiburon so much that he even bought a house looking over the

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Speedy Wash – How to Clean/Wash a Bus/RV in 5 Minutes!



I just stumbled onto this cool Speedy Wash on YouTube, it’s a giant, vertical bus/RV-washing robot that’s completely automated and clean/washes buses and RVs in matter of minutes.  Pretty cool stuff I have to say.  This could work well for those of you with multiple Hummers.

SPEEDY WASH is the BITIMEC mobile single brush washing machine line used to wash coaches, buses, trailers, trucks, tankers, and railcars. Single brush mobile power washers are the most economical way for transport carrier

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Hot Imports You Missed Last Week! [Imports Roundup]


For those of you import addicts, here’s a round-up of hot imports you missed last week: