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Automatic Dog Washer!


Just when you think it wouldn’t be possible, someone comes up with an automatic dog washing system.  Of course, this IS a great idea for saving time but time will tell if any dogs will die from computer mal-function, the manufacturer better have some good insurance against that.

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Dog DIY – How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Using Natural Substances!


I have to admit to being bitten by fleas for like a 6-month period while I was watching my friend’s flea-ridden dog, flea bites are nasty and they can make babies pretty quickly and take over your whole home in just matter of weeks.

Anyways, I am glad THAT is over but I found an interesting article that shows you different ways you can get rid of dog fleas, all using natural substances.  My favorite is the garlic solution, I happened to smell really bad after eating a lot of Korean BBQ, that will definitely work even on fleas.  I am sure all these methods work on cats too.

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Sheep Shearing Robot is Creepy!


I happened to be a meatetarian who doesn’t eat lamb (and no pork until this #swineflu settles down), and here’s a creepy sheep shearing robot that will safely get all that hair out.  But still, it’s scary if the robot somehow misses an inch and pokes the sheep.  Not baaaad. #sheepvoice

I just wonder how many sheeps got killed in the making, hopefully none.

Despite how unsettling this contraption is, the inventor, James Trevely, claims that the sheep don’t mind it al

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DIY Kitty Cat Whack-a-Mouse!


Here’s a really funny Kitty Cat Whack-A-Mouse toy that reinvents human Whack-The-Gopher version.  Hilarious, must see.



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Fish Tank Advertising?


No, this is definitely not a good idea…

Here’s an interesting concept for advertising, a real fish tank at a bus stop! Now, I will have to suggest some bullet-proof glass tethered with some security, maybe even add a security cam to make sure the fish tank doesn’t get stolen in the “hoods”.

via weird blog

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Twitter Hack – How to Keep Track of Your Cat with the Twitter Cat Door!


Most cat owners will realize that cats are “very” hard to keep track of.  What I mean is that your cat probably likes to hang out by himself/herself in the neighborhood and comes home for meals and whatnot.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of living in a house (including me), but for those of you who do, you might just be able to benefit from making one of the cool Twitter Cat Door that will “tweet” whenever your cat

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Cat DIY – How to Make a Stealth Cat Litterbox!


Here’s a really cool DIY on how to make a stealth cat litterbox.

I’ve personally seen some really awful setups and I heard cat poop can be very poisonous for the human body but here’s a great way to keep everything sanitized and out of your way.

I added a couple litter mats $20, one inside, one outside, and the litter tracking is almost non-existent. I put rails on the bottom of the cabinet to make the box easier to slide out for

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DIY Sheep LED Art!



Check out this Sheep LED Art, made using real sheeps and LEDs, fantastic!

We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display.

via youtube

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Garden DIY – How to Kill Gophers and Moles with a Solar Powered Sonic Deterrent!


I have to say I’ve been fighting a LOT of gophers while I used to live at my parent’s house.   I did use the Sonic Mole Deterrent which requires 4 D-sized batteries and would run out every couple weeks or so but here’s the solar alternative that will keep going once you insert it into the gophers’ holes.

These Sonic Deterrents basically make noise, which is really annoying to the rodents.  (and to you too.)

Of course, one trick to deterring these nasty little gophers is to not use the Sonic Deterent all the time, m

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Turkey DIY – How to Gather Wild Turkeys!


Well, my friend sent me this hilarious video of wild turkeys he gathered by playing his drums.  Check out the middle of the video where he actually tries to tell them to leave his backyard, yet the wild turkeys seemed to talk back, trying to get my friend to play drums again.

Anyways, it seems clear that wild turkeys like sounds of drums, now you know how to get their attention. 🙂

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