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Game Hack – How to Make a Game Keyboard Keep Alive Circuit!

Playing online games and being logged out because of no action on your part can be a very frustrating thing for online gamer. You can probably get a free macro program to be switched on while you go get some lunch OR you can even build one of these nifty keep-alive circuits made specifically just for that.

This is a super powerful little circuit when playing an online game that logs you out of the game after not sensing any key strokes

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Game – “Browser Pong” Uses your Browser as Part of the Game!


Looking to kill sometime?  Well, here’s a game that only involves using your browser to play the game itself, Browser Pong!

Best of all, this cool Browser Pong game supports 2 players so you and your friend can kill time LITERALLY!

via bb

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Fun Christmas Santa Games over at PinkyArcade

Well, Christmas may be over but there’s bunch of fun Christmas Santa games you can still play at PinkyArcade:


Great Flash Game – Asteroid Revenge 3


So for today’s game, I thought this little take on the classic asteroid would be fun. Turns out, I spent an hour playing it. This time, you are the asteroid and you try to destroy the humans! Great game, great fun.

PLAY Asteroids Revenge 3

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Great Flash Game – Air Battle


Here’s another great flash game. This one is about fighting in the air too, I guess. But, it’s a little different, too.

PLAY Air BattleDiggy Games

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Great Flash Game – Sky Warrior


Hey gang. Talking about Flash Games the other day made me wonder if I could find some to post here at Zedomax. I did a little looking and found some. Sorry about the commercials, I’ll keep looking for better ones.

I really like this game Sky Warrior, it reminds me of 1941, which I can spend hours playing.

Play Games at AddictingGames

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Andrew’s Pinky Arcade Picks


Hey gang. So, as Max has pointed out, I’ve been doing a lot of the video HOW To and DIY posts lately, and I’ve had some mixed feedback. So, please let me know what you think, what you would like to see more of, or less of, here at Zedomax.

So far, it seems people like the wordpress and SEO videos, and I’ve had quite a few hits and comments about recipes and food how tos. So, continue to let me know what you think and what you like.

I was also excited to see Max’s po

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FREE Flash Games at!


My long-time blogger friend Mike from (he had to sell the site because of money problems) has launched a new flash game site called  It’s doing pretty good right now but he needs my help and your help.

Well, basically it’s bunch of flash games you can play for free so I don’t see how you can lose by bookmarking this site.

Anyways, please check it out and enjoy the free flash games! 🙂

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DIY WoW Treadmill Hack!

DIY WoW Treadmill Hack!

DIY WoW Treadmill Hack!


Check out these guys (Yes, the pink and green hair are wigs) who made a WoW (World of Warcraft) Treadmill.

I remember when WoW first came out, it was cool but took way long to play so I gave up early on it.  Well, honestly, I rather hit golf balls than play video games.

(But yes, get me started and I will probably wind up on the top of gamers list and also have to go to Gamerholics Anonymous)

“We bough

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Shot Online is a Free 3-D Online Golf Game!

Shot Online is a Free Online Golf Game!

Shot Online, a 3-D online golf gam, has been chosen as an official game of GNGWC 2008.

If you cannot afford to get Tiger Woods for your XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, or Playstation PS3, you might just want to check this game out by downloading here for free.  (The game is available for many different languages too but this one’s for English I think.)

I might try it out later this afternoon

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