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Kisai Satellite LED Watch!


TokyoFlash has just launched another brilliant new LED watch called “Kisai Satellite”, it reminds me of the Defcon systems.  The watch comes in four different flavors, black with blue or green and white with blue or green.  My favorite is the black with blue, I think it’s a stylish

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New TokyoFlash Kisai LED Watches Launched!


UPDATE: Also see the TokyoFlash Satellite LED Watch, just launched too!

TokyoFlash just launched three new designs on their LED watches, check ’em out:

Check out the video reviews of th

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Retro Cassette Tape Watch!


Do you like retro-style watches?  Well, the EOS New York Cassette Tape watch is finally here, all with an authentic, cassette tape, that actually is used to tell time!  Ridiculous!

The EOS Mixtape watch features a anodized black stainless steel case with “EOS NEW YORK” laser etched onto the base. On the sides of the case laser etched also is a robot and “60 MIN.” The dial has two movable discs which look like the movement of a real cassette tape. On the right dial is where the

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TokyoFlash LED Watch Review – Changing Lanes! [Father’s Day Gift Ideas]


About a week back, TokyoFlash launched their latest LED watch, “Changing Lanes”.

Well, I just go it, it’s a beautiful LED timepiece, certainly a great Father’s Day gift.  I was rather surprised as I got the watch only 3 days after ordering.


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TokyoFlash LED Pocket Watch Review!


Remember we mentioned the launch of TokyoFlash’s newest LED watch, the Kisai Round Trip LED Keychain Watch?

Well, we just received it from TokyoFlash (thank Paul for the watch btw!) as a sample.  Indeed it’s pretty freakin’ awesome watch with super bright LEDs (that you can see in the sun) AND excellent craftsmanship.

You can get yours at for just $73

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TokyoFlash Kisai Keychain LED Watch Review!


Our friends over at Tokyo, Japan, TokyoFlash has launched a cool new keychain LED watch called Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch.

This cool watch features USB charging (3.5 hours of charging gives you a month of time), which I really like and of course, the traditional, coolest LED time-tel

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TokyoFlash Launched Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Watch!


TokyoFlash, one of our partners in crime, has just launched Kisai Escape C Bluetooth watch, it’s a watch that was designed as a result of crowd-sourcing through their customers, fans, and trendsetters. (You can check out their blog here where they do a lot of crowdsourcing and you can participate.)

The result?  Well, I think it speaks for itself.  It’s not a phone watch (and why would people need phone watches

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Valentines Gift Idea – Cool LED Watch for your Girlfriend!

If you want to get something nice for your girlfriend this Valentines, you might want to just consider one of these awesome LED watches from TokyoFlash, the WAKU.

The Waku features customizable color LEDs coupled with stylish leather of your choice.  Plus, it doesn’t even look like a watch, which your girlfriend/wife will love.

Of course, one thing I forgot to mention, it will take some time to get used to reading the time but I am sure you can make more excuses now to spend more time with your girlfriend.

My advice, hold her hands while you teach her how

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Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch Hands-on Review!


One of the first gadgets that “wowed” me and the people at the booth were nice enough to give me a quick hands-on video demo is the Kempler & Strauss W Phone Watch. The watch features a bunch of things like being able to make phone calls on GSM network, video camera, audio player, and a fully, capable bluetooth headset so you can talk wirelessly.

You can order y

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Top 10 LED/LCD Watches!


Last time we featured a bunch of great digital watches, here’s some more of my favorite LED/LCD watches (wearable artworks ah hem!).

The Kisai Denshoku watch from TokyoFlash is definitely my favorite, it’s stylish and the LEDs are just way too cool.

The TokyoFlash

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