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Dell Plasma HDTV Hack – How to Diagnose and Fix Dell W5001C HDTV!


For those of you who own an older Dell plasma HDTV and your screen suddenly stopped working, you might want to read up on these instructions that show you how to diagnose and fix your HDTV.  I am guessing this might be happening to a lot of other Dell plasma HDTVs but don’t try this unless you’ve got some knowledge about electronics and soldering stuff.

More testing in the lab revealed that the problem was a defective IC, U501 which is a Fairchild Semiconductor part KA3883. I ordered a replacement from digikey, 497-3678-ND , which is a STMicroelectronics UC2843B,

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Back to School Sale – Best Deals on Laptop, HDTV, HardDisk, and Wireless Printer!

For those of you looking for the “best” deals on laptop, hdtv, harddisk, and wireless printer, check out some of these great deals:

It doesn’t get better than this, if you have been looking for a powerful laptop for back to school, this ASUS T4400 2.2Ghz Laptop is on sale for just $414.99!

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Also, a refurbished 32-inch 1080P Vizio HDTV going only for $355.56, certainly a great dorm room HDTV your college kid will appreciate!

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Sony HDTV Deals! [DealMax]

Want some big savings on a brand new Sony HDTV for back-to-school week?  Check out these great deals directly from Sony:

Valid from 8/12/10 to 8/21/10 or until supplies last so act quick!

Save $600 instantly on the Sony 52˝ BRAVIA EX700 Edge-lit LED HDTV (KDL52EX700), now just $1,599.99 (8/12-8/21). Restrictions: Limited quantities, valid while supplies last. Not valid with any other offer or discounts.

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Save $450 instantly on the Sony 46˝ BRAVIA EX700 Edge-lit LED HDTV (KDL46

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DIY Automated TV Remote Channel Surfing!


Tired of surfing channels with your fingers on your couch?  No more manual channel surfing needed, build yourself one of these DIY automated TV remotes that will keep pushing that channel up button every second.


via make, Project Page

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32-inch LCD HDTV Review! – Best Deal on 32-inch LCD HDTVs!


Today, we will look at the “best deals” on 32-inch LCD HDTVs on the market right now, starting from the lowest to highest.  We will only cover traditional LCD HDTVs, LED LCD HDTVs are another matter we will cover later on.

Also, if you have no idea what 720P/1080P, 60Hz/120Hz, and contrast ratios mean, read our crash course on buying HDTVs first.

Best Deal on 32-inch 60Hz 720P LCD HDTV – LG 32LD350


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Samsung Vibrant TV Mirroring Demo!


One of the advantages of Samsung Vibrant over Droid X, HTC Evo 4G, and iPhone 4 is that it can “mirror” your whole screen to your HDTV.

And all of this requires just a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

Anyways, I am glad that I can now surf the web on my HDTV and fly on Google Earth among other things.

You can get the Samsung Vibrant TV cable here.

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How to Buy an LCD/LED HDTV!


For those of you looking to buy a new LCD/LED HDTV, let me give you a quick crash course on what to look for and what each spec means.

720P vs. 1080P

720P stands for 1280×720 resolution HD screen while 1080P stands for 1920×1080 resolution HD screen.  1080P is most desirable obviously but in smaller HDTVs less than 42-inches, it might not make such a big difference to the naked eye.

60Hz vs. 120Hz

60Hz and 120Hz are display rates for HDTVs, 60Hz basically refreshes an image 60 times per second while 120Hz refreshes an image 120 times per second. 120Hz is certainly

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70 inch 1080P HDTV!


For those of you who want the biggest and the baddest, Sony makes the 70-inch 1080P HDTV, the Sony Bravia XBR KDL-70XBR7.

Price on this 70-inch beast is $19,999.99 on Amazon. It certainly ain’t cheap but having this world’s la

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Best 37-inch LED HDTV!


For those of you looking for the “best” 37-inch LED HDTV, probably the best 37-inch LED HDTV on the market right now is LG.

This particular LG 37-inch HDTV does full 1080P HD with contrast ratio of 3,000,000 to 1.  On the other hand, you will find that lower-end brands like Vizio has ratio of 100,000 to 1.   A big difference when you consider the clarity and vividness that comes with the LG.

Also, LG

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Best HDMI Cables for 1080P!


If you want the “best” HDMI cables out there, I highly recommend you to get Monster HDMI cables, which are rugged and they have lived up to their name in the last decade for making the best analog/digital cables in the world.

So, let me point you out the best HDMI cables for your 1080P HDTV:

For flawless 1080P resolution video and audio, you will want to get a “high speed” HDMI cable such as this one from Monster.

These Monster MC 800HD HDMI cables are especially designed for the latest generation of 1080P HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players. cab

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