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Coleman Inflatable Mattresses with Speakers for iPod or MP3!


Cool, Coleman has just introduced their new inflatable mattresses with speakers for iPod or MP3.  For those of you on the constant go like me, you know how valuable an extra speaker is, especially when you consider all the backpains you get while sleeping on an inflatable mattress.  Price:

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Best Home Stereo Sytem Review!


One of the most important things to have in your home is a good stereo system.  Whether you like to turn it on full-blast in the morning or simply listen to the radio, it’s a good thing to have a good home stereo.

These days, most stereo systems come with ability to play MP3 CDs and some even come with iPod connection or an iPod dock.

Here’s a review of the best home stereo systems you can buy online today with breakdown by watts of speakers and features.


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Calvin Klein Perfume Speaker!


Calvin Klein is planning an evil plot to take over the world with its CK Perfume Speaker that acts as both perfume holder and speaker for your iPod/MP3 players.  Great idea, I hope it goes well.

However, what makes this special is that packaging actually comes with a built in speaker, which is great for plugging the Mp3 into and listen to some music while you are getting ready to go out. These limited edition packages are good to keep too, if the whole thing is left in the original packaging it may be worth something one day, depending on how many

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Speaker Design – Sound Shelf!


Check out this cool design for a speaker called Sound Shelf, basically a shelf with surround speakers built-in to the lining.  I could see this design take off if it reaches the market, do you?  It’d be great if they sold it as iPod dock speakers/shelves.

The iPod craze has definitely made a large market for iPod accessories, which happens to include speakers.  This would be great for teens and college students to have a spot f

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Speaker DIY – How to Make a Speaker Stand!


Well, here’s a cool speaker stand you can make for yourself.  The author claims that it costs as much to make the speaker stand versus buying but it does look “customized” and better of course.

I probably could have purchased some speaker stands for the same amount of money that I spent on this project.

But they wouldn’t have been EXACTLY what I needed, and most likely they wouldn’t have been as well built.

When all was said a

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Sound DIY – How to Install Surround Sound Flatwire 5.1 Wiring!


Apartment Therapy has an intensive DIY on how to install your own surround-sound flatwire 5.1 wiring.  This would be great for anyone who’s trying to install some nice set of surround-sound speakers.

We have been watching movies projected on our wall for prolly 4 to 5 years at this point and listening to the audio on various small stereo systems in 2.1. Really great, honestly, nothing to complain about

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Speaker Hack – How to make a Hi-Fidelity Speaker with a Styrofoam Plate!


Here’s an incredible speaker hack that involves a styrofoam plate in the making of a hi-fidelity speaker.

As you can see on the picture, I did use a foam plate. I tried other materials and I found the best quality of the sound is produced by a lightweight material but strong enough to avoid excessive vibration. Paper plates are too soft, plastic disposable plates produces excessive vibration.

via eksith,

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Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium USB Speakers!


Here’s a cool set of speakers that look like a bird’s nest or the Olympic stadium for $12 at USB Geek.

Recharged/Powered by USB Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Simple, just plug-in, no driver install On/Off swtich with Blue LED indicator Apply to any audio devices with 3.5mm headjack, e.g. PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone, PDA, MP3 player, CD player … etc. Speaker: 33mm Dimensions: 70 x 59 x 31.7mm Weight: 55

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TikiToonz Tiki Speakers


For the most authentic Hawaiian experience, you will need to add this set of TikiToonz Tiki speakers, which will complement your spa, desk, or whatever.

The only thing I would have to say is that they could have made these speakers wireless using bluetooth at the high price tag of $199.99  (It comes with 20 feet of speaker wires I don’t want to deal with)

Not too sure it’s a great buy, maybe you can make one yourself.

via te

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$21,000 Wheel Speakers!

Yes, this $21,000 wheel-like speakers will blow you off as I would never pay that much for speakers.

Unless they mass-produce this and bring the price down around $210 not $21K, it will remain in the hands of uber-rich snobs who rather throw away money on gadgets like this.

Designed by Ron Arad and Frances Pellisari for Austria’s Viteo, the Freewheeler produces high quality stereo sound indoors or out. The speaker measures in at about 22.8″ tall x 9.8″ wide, making it just about the same diameter as the tires on a Mazda MX-5 Miata (and

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