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3D Hologram Projection Cube – HoloAd at CES 2011!


I had the pleasure of meeting Alan from at CES 2011 and boy, the night before CES 2011, we had a couple too many drinks and I was sick the whole week.  Nevermind that it was nice to see Alan and since CES 2011 is so HUGE, there’s no way any single blog (including Engadget) can cover it all.

One of those if this 3D hologram projection cube by

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Tripod DIY – How to Make a Digital Projector Tripod!

For those of you with bulky digital projectors,you might want to consider converting your regular, ol’ tripod into a digital projector tripod.  Not only will it make your digital projector more usable, you should be able to easily rotate/flex the digital projector at any angles of your liking, even the ceiling, which could be great for bed-computing or watching movies in the bed.  (Actually, I dreamed of this exact setup, using my computer while using a projector to project the screen onto my “angled” ceiling, one day I will do this and make a DIY about it.)

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Optoma PK301 Pico Pocket Projector Hands-on Review!


UPDATE: You can now pre-order yours on Amazon HERE.

UPDATE: Check out Optoma’s new product the Optoma NEO-i DV20A Here!

Max’s Rating: Love It.

One of the gadgets that really stood out at CES 2010 was the Optoma PK301 pico/pocket projectors.  As someone who has be

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Projector DIY – How to Make a Mini LED Projector!

With the invent of new projectors (which I will have some really cool videos I took from CES 2010 soon), people are realizing more and more that they can make their own projectors too.  This DIY involves making a “mini” LED projector, the results are pretty darn good so this could be a great guide for you to get started on your DIY projector.

Now you can find everywhere led projectors, some of them are really good, but also so expensive. You can buy a led projector here in Uk for about 100 pounds, but there are not to good, they need to be in a dark room and the

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Samsung Projector Phone at CES 2010!

Rad, check out the new Samsung Projector phone at CES 2010!  Will be there tomorrow to take a video!  I can’t wait until HD projector phones are available in year 2011. (or 2012 is it?)

Here’s the new Samsung Projector Phone showing off the newest Texas Instrument DLP Pico WVGA Chipset, which has a 845 x 480 resolution and a 2000:1 contrast ratio for projection sizes greater than 50 inches, depending on the ambient light.

via gizmodo

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Projector Hack – How to make a digital projector with an overhead and a lcd screen


Friday night means movie night. Here’s a great hack for making a digital projector. Enjoy the weekend!

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HDTV Hack – How to Convert your RPTV/DLPTV into a 100-inch TV!


Here’s a cool DIY on how to turn your rear projection TV (or DLPTV) into a 100-inch cinema screen by ripping the front of your TV and adding a bigger screen further away.

I do like it but I assume that the video quality will degrade when doing this so don’t blame me because everything gets bigger after this hack.

I bought Sony KDFE50A10 rear projection TV that has 50″ screen. After an year or so, I started to feel like the screen size is shrinking, really, ask any one who has a big screen TV. I wanted to buy a projector and hav

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Sanyo Z2000 HD Projector does 80-inches HD!


For the ultimate DLP TV, you might want to consider this Sanyo Z2000 HD Projector instead, capable of projecting 80-inches of viewing HD.

All said, for the price of this projector overseas, it’s a bargain. The only downsides are that you have to replace the lamp after so many hours, which is not inexpensive. But for a home theater–WOW! This would sure inspire me to stay home and watch movies–and save the 1800 yen it costs to watch them in Japan! On that note, purchasing this projector in Japan at the current going price of 268,000

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