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How to Make a Low-Cost DIY Eye-Movement Detector!


Need to add eye-movement detector for your next project?   Check out what Luis Cruz (a senior in high school) did, a low-cost DIY eye-movement detector. This is amazing, not only that he was able to do it for low cost but this kid is simply GENIUS!

The human eye is polarized, with the front of the eye being positive and the back of the eye being negative. This is caused by a concentration of negatively charged nerves in the retina on the back of the eye. As the eye moves the negative pole moves relative to the face

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Viewsonic G Hack – How to Install GPS on your Viewsonic G!


Do you have a Viewsonic G Android tablet?  If you do, you probably are saddened by the fact that it doesn’t have GPS on it, meaning you can’t pinpoint your location precisely with 30 feet (cellular location should work though).

If you absolutely need GPS on your Viewsonic G tablet without adding a bulky GPS unit on it, the Viewsonic G tablet actually comes with a slot for GPS, you just need to find the parts and solder it yourself.  You can read up all the full p

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DIY Magnet Eddy Current Simulator Makes You Want to Poop in Your Pants!


Here’s the most amazing, DIY magnet machine you will see in a long time, this device simulates Eddy Current using toy magnets.  The author built it for his father-in-law’s birthday, I think he should start selling DIY kits so every else can build one.  This is much better than those useless machines we’ve seen for she

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Pantech Vega No.5 Android Tabletphone Does 1.5Ghz Dual-Core and Whupass!


Back in 2003 after I graduated from college, Pantech was a small company in South Korea that developed smartphones for the Korean market.  I actually had  a job offer from there but refused because their headquarters is located far away from Seoul city since I am a city-slicker.

Anyways, Pantech has been slowly growing over the years it seems they’ve just launched the new Pantech Vega No. 5 with dual-core 1.5Ghz processor.  This is exciting as it means there’s going to be slew of other smartphones with a similar processor coming out later this year.


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Droid 3 Leaked! [again]


Back in August last year, we thought Droid 3 was coming but no, exactly 9 months later, we have spy shots of the new Droid 3.

My personal opinion is that this seems real indeed as I use my Droid 2 frequently.  I would say the design looks on par with what I would want in a future Droid and this one is good because it has a larger 4-inch qHD screen supposedly.

We won’t know all the exact specs until it’s official but I think Droid 3 will defini

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How to Make a Router Traffic Counter!


Here’s a fun way to display how much traffic your router is serving by hacking OpenWRT by adding a bit of code.

(For those of you who don’t know, OpenWRT is an open-source aftermarket operating system for routers that you can install to your router to customize it.  There’s also DD-WRT, which is similar.  I’ve personally got DD-

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Innopocket iPad 2 Clear Case!


Innopocket just launched today their new iPad 2 Clear Case, it’s a see-through clear case that also acts as a stand plus reversible as right-handed or left-handed.

You can order one on their website at

Press Release:

InnoPocket’s SeeThru iPad2 Folio is the only transparent form- fitting hard case that allows you to show off and see the iPad2 sexy design in full, and still keep it protected

It is a sleek, sturdy case for iPad

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How to Make a Simple Touch Sensor Controller!


I used to deal with many touch controllers but they cost way too much money as it comes with a touchscreen and all the shebang. Well, if you want to make a dead, simple touch-sensor controller, perhaps for your latest backyard project, there’s a bunch of low-cost chips you can use now, and here’s a great example you can follow with video demo below:

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How to Make DIY RFID tag with Duct Tape! [RedNeck]


You know how duct tape can solve a lot of everyday problems including an airplane wing, and here’s another way to apply duct tape to roll your own RFID tag with a bunch of wires.

It ain’t pretty but gets the job done and the RFID read range is on par with commercial RFID tags, unbelievable.

It’s ugly, and I really want to try this experiment over again with a smaller IC

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DarwinMachine Hammerhead PC Screams, “I am Better Than a Mac!”


If you wanted a custom PC that screamed, “I am a badass PC with aesthetically pleasing looks“, you get the DarwinMachine Hammerhead PC, not a Mac.

You can get this PC fully-loaded with Intel Core i7 or with just barebones motherboard to customize.

Need more ideas?  Also check out our World’s Most Awesome PC Case Mods!

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