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How to Install VNC Server on Jailbroken iPhone/iPod/iPad!

For those of you who want to remotely control your jailbroken iPhone/iPod/iPad, Lifehacker has just posted a great tutorial video on how to do this.

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Optoma NEO-i DV20A Pico Projector/Smartphone Speaker Dock Review!


Last year, Optoma launched their PK301 Pico Projector at CES 2010.  This year at CES 2011, I had the pleasure of viewing their latest flagship product, the Optoma NEO-i DV20A, which basically is like the PK301 but more.

The all-new Optoma NEO-i DV20A is not only a pico projector but

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Black Friday iPod Deals!

For those of you looking to get a new iPod, check out these great Black Friday iPod deals.  They are not jaw-dropping by any means but you will save at least a couple bucks this Black Friday shopping season:

Black Friday iPod Touch Deals

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) (MC540LL/A)

Best Black Friday Price: $214.99 at MacMall with FREE SHIPPING! Compare with 

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iPhone/iPod/iPad Charging Circuit!


Designing your own charging circuit for the iPhone, iPod, or iPad?  Well, Lady Ada has figured out that you need certain resistor values and more current than normally needed for your iDevices to charge correctly.

We did some experimenting (see the video up top) and determined that in fact the different voltages/resistances did effect the charging rates! Using the 2.8V&2.0V setup resulted in a 1 Amp charge rate and the 2.0V&2.0V setup resulted in a 500mA charge rate.

This made us very happy, because 500mA is within the capability of the MintyBoost chip. We red

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iTree – iPod Speaker/Dock inside a Hollowed Tree!


Here’s a really cool iPod speaker/dock that uses a hollowed tree as its base.  I wonder how good the bass is and I am bettin’ it’s pretty darn good.  Now, can you put some subs in there?

This huge hollowed tree trunk serves as an iPod dock and speaker system. Created by Austrian design studio KMKG, it weighs in at 60 kg (about 130 lbs).

They describe it as “just a simple tree (trunk) hollowed out with a special technique to create extraordinary sound.” They worked with speaker company Lenz on the sound engineering, customers can choose the type

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iPod Dock Hack – How to Convert iPod/iPhone Speaker Docks for Use with Android and Other Smartphones


Here’s a rather interesting hack where the user buys a new Android smartphone Droid and sees that he can no longer “dock” his Android phone on his iPhone/iPod speakers.  Well, I guess it’s not that hard as you can see in the above pinouts, a bit of hacking got his Droid working fine on his iPod speakers.

The goal of this project is to create a dock adapter which enables the Motorola Milestone to charge, output music and switch to docking (multimedia) mode. The

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CD DIY – How to Rip Multiple CDs into MP3s!


For those of you who have “massive collection of audio CDs that you want to convert to MP3s for use with your MP3 player or iPods, there’s a great new service called Rip2iPod where you can send all your CDs and they will send you MP3s in DVDs.

I know you can probably rip CDs yourself if you’ve only got a couple to do but for those of you with hundreds or even thousands of CDs, this could be a great way to rip multiple CDs into MP3s so you can spend that time instead of better things like playing a round

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iPod Touch Hack – How to Hack an iPod Touch without Knowing the Password!


For those of you who either forgot your iPod Touch password (or happened to pick up a free iPod Touch on the streets somewhere although I highly advise you to try to return it to the owner for karma), there’s a real simple way to hack your iPod Touch without knowing the password, by restoring it to its factory state.

To do this, make sure your iPod Touch is connected to your computer and iTunes is turned on.

Then hold down the center button and the power button together for about 20 seconds. This should put your iPod To

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WMV Hack – How to Convert DRM-Protected WMV Files to iTunes format!

You know what a pain iTunes can be at times, especially when you are trying to convert DRM-protected WMV files in your iPod/iPhone.  This shouldn’t be disallowed, especially if you have rightfully paid for the WMV files and you want to transfer DRM-protected WMV files to your iPod/iPhone so you can watch it on the go.

You can use the free version of DRM removal software, Media Converter Pro to do this, also

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ReNu Solar Powered iPhone/iPod Speakers/Recharging Dock!


For those of you eco-enthusiasts out there (like me), you might be happy to learn that ReNu solar-powered iPhone/iPod speakers will be available so you can enjoy your favorite music without adding to the world’s carbon footprint but by using solar power!  You can pre-order yours on Amazon here for $149.

The best part about these new ReNu speakers is that they can even “recharge” your iPod or iP

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