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DSLR/Camcorder DIY – How to Make a Skater Dolly Using PVC Pipes!


Ever since I started hanging (I mean actually visiting them at job sites) out with my plumber friends at Sewer Specialists, they’ve been teaching me awful a lot including how easy it is to get some PVC piping together.   Well, here’s a cool skate dolly you can use for those action reels you are working on and save a bunch of money over retail.

Just like any other camera movement, using the table-top dolly takes a little practice to get smooth. Use it to circle, or describe an arc, around or past an objec

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Flash Hack – How to Remote Control your Manual DSLR Flash!


For those of you who want to remote control your manual DSLR flash, there’s an easy circuit you can make and control the intensity of the flash and the flash itself with a remote control.

I know the DSLR world charges a ton of money for simple stuff life this, here’s how you can beat that world and do it yourself.

For me, an ideal strobist flash would be

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DIY DSLR Sound Trigger with Camera Flash!


I’ve had my Canon 7D DSLR camera for almost a year now and still love the wonderful high-resolution photos and 1080P HD videos I can take.   For those of you who want to go farther into DSLR world and high speed photography, you might be interested in this guy’s DIY DSLR sound trigger that will allow you to take shots right when it happens.

Take a look at this video and you will see what I mean:

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a DIY DSLR Car Mount by Hacking Your Tripod!


This year before I headed to CES 2010 I wanted to make sure my DSLR tripod could be used also as a steadicam by hacking one of the legs so I can use it as a handle.   Well, I failed doing that because this Manfrotto tripod is simply not going to be a steadicam by any means but recently I discovered another use for it, as a DSLR car mount.

By having one of the legs of the t

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DSLR Hack – How to Take Vintage Photos using Dab of Vaseline on your Lens!


I guess there’s a way to take vintage photos by applying a dab of vaseline on  your expensive DSLR lens.  Of course, this could be a great option if you simply suck at Photoshop.

And yes, it should be fine so long as you put a clear lens filter on your DSLR camera before trying this hack.

With a cell phone camera (or one you’re not worried about damaging) you can try putting Vaseline directly on the edges of your lens to give your photos an out of focus vignette just like old film cameras. If you’ve got nice equipment, you should probably put your g

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DSLR Microscope Adapter Hack!


Wanna take some really crisp, DSLR high-res photos of your latest finds on your microscope?   You might want to refer to this DSLR hack that involves using a microscope adapter to take some brilliant photos of magnified objects.

In order to attach the camera to the microscope, I found this microscope->Nikon adapter that I had built years ago. The barrel fits inside the microscope tube and provides a Nikon lens mount. I got the lens mount from a very old, very broken lens. I have a m4/3->Nikon adapter, so I can attach this to the GH1.

The first problem that I not

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DSLR Hack – How to Build a Ring Flash!


For photographers who use DSLR cameras to take professional photos, you know that ring flash is one of the better flashes that will allow you to take better photos at night and even during the day.

Well, I’ve always wanted to get a new ring flash for my Canon 7D but I don’t want to spend

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Canon Powershot Hack – How to Take Super Macro Shots!


Here’s a Russian hacker who managed to take a macro photo of himself through a ball point pen using some DSLR camera lenses and adapters.  This could be a great way to hack and turn your Canon Powershot into a super-macro-shootin’ camera.

via make,

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DSLR Hack – How to Scan your Old Negatives using a DSLR and Toilet Paper Rolls!


Do you have old photos in negatives that you want digitized? Your best option is probably get one of these Film Negative Scanners on Amazon.

OR, if you prefer and you own a $1000 DSLR camera lens, grab some paper rolls, polarizing filters and do it DIY style.

Now slides can be “scanned” into any DSLR relatively quickly provided that there is a good even light source behind the

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Photography 101 – How to Use Rule of Thirds to Take Better Photos!


Well, it’s been about 7 months since I bought a Canon 7D, my first DSLR camera.  Today I learned something new, there’s this thing called “Rule of Thirds” where you divide your subject into 9 equal rectangles.  Now, try fitting your objects into these imaginary lines to take better photos.

I wish I had learned about this earlier.  Well, I will definitely try this out and feel free to leave comments on this subject.

Here we have come to one of the cornerstones of photography, the rule of thirds. This introduces a science to this art. The human

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