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DSLR Hack – How to Make a Pinhole Camera with your Digital SLR Camera!


Here’s a really cool DIY on how to make a pinhole camera with your digital SLR camera.

Do you have a digital SLR camera, some black construction paper, aluminum foil, a rubber band, and tape? Great, let’s make a digital pinhole camera!

The pinhole camera is the simplest type of camera. It has no lens, only a teeny-tiny hole of an iris. This pinhole ensures that the light which reaches any position on the exposure surface originated from a single direction; as the hole diameter approaches zero, the possible light source for a poin

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Digital Camera Hack – How to Replace Canon SD750 Lens!


I actually own “TWO” Canon SD750s because I dropped my first SD750 in the sand.  The first one “magically” started working fine after I bought the second one but if I had known such lens replacement DIY was available, I wouldn’t have had to buy the second one.  Here’s how to replace your Canon SD750 lens if it breaks or you drop it in the sand like me.

One more thang, even if you don’t own SD750, any other Canon SD s

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Camera Hack – How to Stick Any Digital Camera to Any Surface as a Tripod!


I’ve always been searching for new digital camera tri-pods and glad to say I have finally found one (thanks to editors at CNet), it’s called a Universal Pod, a tripod that will practically attach to anything, including a tree.

This is much better than the Gorillapad tripod I saw couple years back.

Universal Pod sticks to a 1,000 objects and counting! Its patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” molds, grips and sticks

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Robot Hack – How to Make a Camera Robot!



Here’s a fun hack that shows you how to make a camera-robot that can autonomously take pics and videos, all while you control where it goes, plus the angles too.  I think this might be a great project for those of you who take trips to the Amazon jungle to get footage of creatures and critters.

I’ve hacked a cheap camera and mounted on a pan / tilt neck assembly. Pictomatix MkII only has 64Mb of non upgradeable camera m

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Canon PowerShot D10 WaterProof Rugged Digital Camera Review!


If you wanted to get the best Canon camera, the new Canon PowerShot D10 waterproof digital camera is the one to get, featuring a whopping 12.1 megapixel resolution and waterproof up to 33 feet.

You can even drop this thing up to 4 feet on concrete no problem.

Sounds like the dream digital camera you have been looking for?

Well, it is, you

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Samsung OmniaHD Cellphone Camera Review!


Engadget just reviewed the new Samsung OmniaHD cellphone camera and I am glad to say, it’s pretty decent for a cellphone.  Above is a screenshot from the actual video.

I am really looking forward to this cellphone.  Will update as soon as it’s available. 🙂

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Camera DIY – How to Make Your Own DSLR Camera Macro Lenses!


Here’s a great DIY for all your DSLR freaks out there, learn how to make your own DSLR camera macro lenses!

Making life size pictures of hardly noticeable objects and subjects is known as macro photography. It’s widely employed in wildlife photography and in product photography. Oftentimes, macro photography requires the use of costly lenses. Read on to learn how to easily make your own macro lens.

via brighthub

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Obama Themed Flip Mino/MinoHD!


Yes, Flip has just released their new Obama-themed Flip Mino or MinoHD:

That’s right, you can get the Obama Flip Mino or MinoHD camera right here:

Get the Barack Obama – Change We Can Believe In Flip MINO Camera HERE!

via doyoureallywant

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Video DIY – How to Take High Speed Videos!


Well, there’s been bunch of documented posts on how to take high speed photos but not high speed videos.

One thing for sure, you will need to invest at least 1G on a nice camcorder but here’s how to take high speed videos.

Everyone I have met and talked to share one thing in common: the desire to own, or at least play with, a high speed camera. Though I doubt that many of the people reading this have a high speed camera of their o

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Camera DIY – How to Make a FiberOptic Flash!


Wow, for those of you serious about photography, you might want to consider playing with this Fiberoptic flash.  Basically, you can bunch of fiberoptics and then stick it to your flash to it evenly distributes the flash when you are taking pictures.

This is a fibre-optic flash extension for your DSLR’s popup flash. Totally easy! Works great! Durable! Designed specifically for K20D with 100 2.8 DFA lens but adaptable to other lenses (see Tamron Adaptall 90

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