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How to Make a DIY Ping Pong LED Clock!


Here’s a great way to build a giant LED clock without the use of additional LEDs but by using ping pong balls as light extenders.

This is a super-accurate clock That uses ping-pong balls as diffusers for LEDs, but with a little know-how you can turn this into a full marquee display. Join me after break where I’ll share the details of the project and give you everything you need to know to build your own.

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DIY Polish “Word” Clock!


Have you ever thought what would be like to read your regular clock but in words without circles but left to right like reading a book? That’s exactly what this Polish guy did, a DIY Polish “word” clock. Certainly a new way of reading the time.

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DIY Analog LED Clock using a PIC 16f877!


For those of you who enjoy fusion of art and smart circuitry, check out the DIY Analog LED Clock that you will be proud to hang it in your living room.  You know, these days hackers and modders aren’t just hacking and modding, they are creating “new” designs.   Even on the other side of spectrum, we see that designers are using more technology into their artwork.  I love that.

This homemade clock uses a PIC16F877 Microcontroller with a 20MHz clock, it also has a DS1307 real time clock with battery backup.

169 x 700mcd diffused white LED’s con

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DIY Equinox LED Clock!


When it comes to LED clocks these days, it’s not only about functionality and features but also about design. In this case, the DIY Equinox LED Clock has a good mix of both, I would seriously want to have one of these in my living room (and yes proud).

The clock is equipped with 60 RGB leds making any color palette possible. In this version of the software the color

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Giant DIY POV Clock!


Wanna impress your friends with the latest gadget you made using LEDs, microcontroller, and over 3000+ lines of code you wrote for months?

Check out this giant DIY POV clock, it’s a fully functional clock that’s all in POV.  Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

It is a POV propeller clock and it just might be the best one yet! Firmware is written in Bascom-AVR and consists of around 3000 lines of code. The power between the motor and the rotating electronics is transferred wirelessly

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LED DIY – How to Make a Blinky LED Clock!


Wanna make couple of these blinky LED clocks for your home and leave your guests wondering what time of the day it is?

Well, these DIY blinky LED clocks solve that problem, the user will have to count how many red, green, and blue blinks there are to tell time.  (still easier than telling time with TokyoFlash LED watches)

Hey, it’s an art, not to really the most efficient way to tell time but it might help you sleep counting the blinks at night.   1….2….3….Zzzzzzzzzz…


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DIY Recycled Apple G3 Clock!


For those of you who want to re-kindle your love for Apple products, how about an Apple G3 Clock?

This clock was made using a recycled Mac G3 computer motherboard, complete with Ram, processor and a Mac mouse utilized as the working pendulum bob. The clock face is a DVD with keyboard keys as the clock numbers. It has a quartz clock/ pendulum movement and runs on 2 AA batteries, included. The hands are much more visible in person,. This clock measures 11.5″W x 17″

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Clock Hack – How to Make a Jar Clock!

Jar Clock

I am sure many of you have a bunch of old clocks laying around, here’s a fun way to recycle/re-make them into “jar clocks”. This could be a great idea for spaces where you can’t hang your wall clock but you want one on your desk somewhere.

This project took me about 30 minutes to make and cost less then $5.

I’ll admit, it is hard to read the time, but it;s a great conversation starter, and looks neat and different at the same time.

via instructables

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Arduino-based DIY Wise Clock!

For those of you who need an inspiration for a plexi-glass enclosure DIY clock, check out this DIY Wise Clock!

This is the “commercial” version of Wise Clock with large LED display from Sure Electronics. The micro controller board is plugged into the display’s connectors. The enclosure is a simple pair of laser-cut plexiglass squares, sandwiching the electronics.

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Clock DIY – How to Make a “Pong” Clock!

Lady Ada intros her latest project, the “Pong” Clock. It’s cool because time only changes when a player loses.

I would also like this to be implemented with a Tetris game, that would be a lot of fun to watch and kill time. Or even better, your dog or cat might enjoy watching it for hours non-stop.

Based on Atmega328 microcontroller, the Pong clock can be hacked to your liking using the open-source code provided here.

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