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Photography DIY – How to Make a Fish Eye Lense for Nikon DSLR!


Wow, here’s a really innovative way to convert your Nikon DSLR into a fish-eye camera that can take some really awesome lookin’ photos.

I got the inspiration to do this Instructable while reading another Instructable that accomplished the same “fish-eye” effect using a PVC reduction pipe and an entry door viewer.

There was concern in the prior Instructable about around scratching the lens so I wanted to solve that problem in my easy to build fish eye lens as well as make a version which is easy to use, remove, etc.

I decided to modify the design

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Hidden Wireless Camera Detector!


Remember we featured a spy camera pen before?  Well, this spy camera actually “detects” any hidden wireless cameras by scanning RF signals.

If you are into some highly classified work, you might want to get this and be protected from unwanted lurkers.

    Automatically detects all wireless signals. Whenever an unknown wireless signal is detected, the lights at the tip of the pen will flash according to the signal’s strength. Press a butt

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Best Portable Camcorder – Flip Mino HD Review!


After having months of using my Aiptek 1080P HD camera, I’ve decided that I finally had enough of the bad microphone, bad zoom, MOV files only, and bad night filming so I bought the Flip Mino HD.  (Btw, Aiptek and MinoHD are about the same prices, highly recommend MinoHD over Aiptek, don’t waste your money on Aiptek, it sucks!)

This Flip Mino HD camcorder is probably the best portable HD camcorder for your money.  Not only is Flip Mino HD about the size of your cellphone, it practically does everything it needs to, including recording crisp 720P HD videos.


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DIY 130 Megapixel Camera Made with Canon Lens and Flatbed Scanner!


Here’s a really cool DIY 130 megapixel camera made with Canon lens and a flatbed scanner.  You can check out some of the photos took with it on the inventor’s Flickr.

Spyuge, an amateur photographer, said he used an 1200-dpi Epson flatbed scanner and an old Canon FD 50mm lens to make a camera that can’t fit in your pocket, or shoot anything at speed, but it does have 130Mp.

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New Samsung HD Camcorder SMX-C14!


Samsung releases their new HD camcorder SMX-C14 and SMX-C10, both HD camcorders come with 16GB of internal memory plus SD card slots for expansion.   I’ve seen a big array of great HD cameras lately, but I don’t think none of them are as great as far as price and function are concerned.  These HD cams are only available in South Korea right now, I might have to fly over there to pick one up next week.

The SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 also incorporate Samsung’s play-edit-sharing program called intelli studio. The built-in intelli-studio program allows consumers to connect

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Photography DIY – How to Make Cigarette Packet Flash Diffuser!


Wow, here’s a really cool DIY that shows you how to make a camera flashlight diffuser with a pack of Marlboro Lights!

Ever wanted to take indoor photos at night, but hate the washed out look which your built in flash creates? I’ve often been at a pub and found the regular flash to be a bit of a pain. Thanks to a little drunken curiosity and an attention span problem, I created a flash diffuser using only an empty cigarette packet.

via instructables


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Photography DIY – How to Make a Portable Reflector!


For those of you avid photographers, you might be interested to learn that there’s a cheap way to make a portable reflector that will fit your pocket while giving you the extra security knowing you will have extra light even in super-dark environments.

This is of course no problem, if you are working in the studio or transport your equipment in the trunk of your car, but I wanted a small reflector, that I can carry around in my camera bag or even the pockets of my pants, if I need to.

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Coolest Gadget of the Day – Spy Camera Pen!


I have always been amazed at the price drops of laptops every year and that’s why I never spend more than $700 on a new laptop because I can get a decent one every year instead of being stuck with a $2000 laptop for 2-3 years.

Anyways, this post isn’t about how to buy a laptop but that spy camera prices have dropped drastically.  This cool spy camera pen sells for ONLY $26.45 at Amazon.  That is un

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DealMax – Canon PowerShot SD1100IS Review!


With price drops in digital cameras, there’s absolutely no reason you should own one, especially this PowerShot SD1100IS is on sale at  $149.95.

I have to say these little Canon SD series are beast as they can take amazing photos while your videos are good too.  If you don’t want to spend a bunch

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Camera DIY – How to Make a Tripod with a Bottle Cap!


My good friend Alan from HackedGadgets posted a blog post about this new Bottle Cap Camera Tripod you can buy the other day.  Well, he decides to save himself $10 by making it himself, a great idea.

“Master parts list:

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