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How to Build a Salt-Water Powered LED Light!


You probably well know of the focus that the world has been giving to alternative energy.  And I am sure schools are now pushing more ways to power our electronics than ever.

Which brings us to this awesome DIY that shows you how to build a salt-water powered LED light. You can also substitute lime juice for the salt-water.

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Beer Powered Batteries!

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Portable USB Solar Panel Charger/Battery Pack Review!


I’ve been meaning to get a USB solar charger/battery pack but luckily, sent me one for a review couple weeks back.  Anyways, this thing is pretty awesome, it basically re-charges itself when there’s even any hint of light.

How powerful is it? It’s rated at 2600mAh, meaning you can probably re-charge your iPhone/Android smartphone/Blackberry twice fully.

Besides that, it also comes wit

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How to Make a $4 Solar Battery Charger!


For those of you with who live in California or where there’s a lot of sun, you might want to save some money on batteries by making this nifty solar battery charger for $4. Pretty cool idea using tupperware and all.

via instructables

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Battery DIY – How to Make Lemon-Powered Flashlight!


We’ve seen a plenty of weird batteries/gadgets, including lemon-powered batteries, potato-powered MP3 Player, candle-powered batteries, vibration-powered batteries,

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Rechargeable USB Batteries!


For those of you who use a lot of batteries, how about using these AA batteries that can be re-charged via USB?

Just make sure you get a large USB port if you want to charge a lot of these.

Get the a pack of 4 on Amazon f

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Vibration Powered AA Batteries may be the Smartest Eco Batteries Ever!


You might remember the “water-powered” batteries from Japan about a year back. Well, if you thought that was innovative, check out Brother’s new invention, vibration-powered double-A batteries that can be used for low-voltage gadgets.

I know for a fact that this would work really well for kid’s toys where shaking often occurs anyways, this could be ground-breaking, saving a whole lot of energy worldwide when it debuts.

This time, Brother Industries prot

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HTC Evo 4G Extended Battery is HERE!


HTC Evo 4G Extended Battery is now available for pre-order on Amazon from Seidio.  This gigantic battery boosts your battery life by more than 200% with its 3500mAh capacity, more than double your stock 1500mAh battery.

It also comes with a new back, probably making your Evo 4G a lot bigger and a bit heavier but for those of you who don’t mind the bigger size, the solution is here.

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Circuits – How to Build an Automatic Battery Charger!


For those of you trying to build an automatic battery charger for your next project, take a look at this project as free schematics are provided for all your auto-charging needs and for reference.

via hackedgadgets

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Flood Hack – How to Make a DIY Flood Triggered Automated Camera System!


Natural disasters have caused a ton of damage to home owners, businesses, and even the government.  For floods, the Department of Natural Resources of Australia and Penguin Labs have devised a DIY flood-triggered automated camera system that would takeimages of a cave flood (when it floods) in order to study the water flow and how it affects the environment.  Mainly, a “water switch” is used to detect water in the device with solar power to keep the device charged with power.

A water flow gaugin

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ASUS UL30A, UL30VT, UL30JT 8-Cell Battery!


For those of you who have bought an ASUS UL30A, UL30Vt, or UL30Jt, you can get a replacement battery for about $90 on eBay.

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