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DIY Skateboard Painting in Pool!


Here’s a really cool DIY skateboard painting in a pool. Result? You can get an idea how skateboard moves in a pool, pretty rad.

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How to Make DIY Thick Bar Dumbbells!


While we are on the subject of DIY concrete dumbbells, I found another great tutorial on how to make your own DIY thick bar dumbbells using some galvanized pipes, pipe clamps, athletic tape, and standard weight plates.

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How to Make DIY Dumbbells from Concrete!


Today I went to Big5 and Sports Authority to buy some dumbells.  Sadly, they didn’t even have the 60 pound dumbbells I wanted plus you had to special order them.

Nevermind the ridiculous price of “one” dumbell (which was like $100), so I looked online for some answers on how to make your own DIY dumbells.  There’s a guy on YouTube who says you can make them out of milk jugs or laundry detergent containers but the only culprit is that you can only get them to go about 35 pounds

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Paramotor Eris 4 Powered Paraglider!

There’s a spot here in San Francisco near the border of Daly City and SF that you can watch many paragliding and hang gliding, it’s probably one of the most popular spots for that around here. In fact, one time I saw this paraglider who fell into a tree on the highway.

Anyways, I didn’t know there’s a “powered” paraglider, this stuff is insane! Watch the end of the video where the guy literally surfs the lake.

This is the future of search and rescue.

I’ve found out more information, these things can take you up to 15,000 feet

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Street Hang Glider!


You know I see a ton of people here in San Francisco who hang glide on a daily basis and some day I plan to make it my hobby too but for those of you who are afraid of all the risks of flying, there’s Street Hang Glider called StreetFlyer. I think it’s a pretty neat concept for those of you afraid of heights and it can even help real hang gliders train the same muscles used in air.

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HatCam HC10 Review!


Last year, I tried to take some videos of myself snowboarding, well it didn’t work out well because I had to keep holding the camera.  This year, I plan to change that so I bought this HatCam HC10

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Philippe Croizon – Inspirational Man of the Year!


Do you feel down?  Is your life depressing?

Well, don’t, perhaps Philippe Croizon, the limbless man who just swam the English Channel should inspire to live on and be positive.

A man with no arms and no legs was today celebrating becoming the first to swim across the English Channel – arriving a full 10 hours ahead of schedule. Philippe Croizon, a 42-year-old who lost all of his limbs in a freak accident, achieved the incredible feat using specially designed prosthetic flippers.

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DIY Electric Inline Skates!


We’ve seen a plenty of motorized electric bikes and electric skateboards before but this is the first time that someone has managed to get DIY electric inline skates working, all so you can start commuting to work with a throttle control on your wrist.

We guess it won’t be long before you see kiddie versions of these at Walmart soon.

All-wheel drive with four hub motors, which are the most compact drive solution possible. The motors

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Cool Gelmat for Your Bedroom!


One of the “coolest” products that I saw at this year’s Las Vegas Market was this cool Gelmat from Hirakawa Corporation.

Basically, it’s a cool gelmat that you can lay down on your mattress and it will naturally cool your body by absorbing your body heat with its super-dense water composition.

I was a bit skeptical to how this could work as th

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Golf DIY – How to Make your own Driver Clubhead Cover!


Why spend $30-50 on golf clubhead covers when you can make them yourself for pennies?  Precisely that’s what this instructable teaches you, how to sew a sock and your favorite animal together so you can make custom driver clubhead covers that will be unique.

Brag to your buddies and they will be surprised that you made it yourself.

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