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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review!


At CTIA 2010 San Francisco, I had the chance to hands-on review the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet, and it’s simply amazing piece of hardware.

The 7-inch Galaxy Tab comes loa

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Mvix Ultio Pro HD Media Player Unboxing!

Mvix just sent me the Mvix Ultio Pro HD Media Player, it has a ton of features like room for a SATA hard drive (up to 2TB), 2 USB ports for connecting external hard drives or adding WiFi capability with a WiFi USB dongle, ability to act as a standalone Bittorrent client, and of course streaming videos/photos off your computer via your home network.

Also, it does YouTube, CNN, Hulu, and much

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Best Coaxial Cable!


Recently, I picked up these awesome Monster coaxial cables from Amazon for just $9.95 (for 50 feet!).  My older coaxial cables connecting my cable box to the wall have degraded so ba

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Samsung Epic 4G Accessories!


For those of you who just got the Samsung Epic 4G, here’s some of the essential Samsung Epic 4G accessories you might want to get and more:

Car Mount for Samsung Epic 4G

I’ve tried a TON of car mounts but the best one is this GTMax Universal Car Mount, which fits all kinds of phones.  I wouldn’t buy a dedicated car mount because then your wife who has an iPhone can’t use it when she drives your car or you upgrade your phone next year.  This one is very durable, also very affordable at just

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Samsung Epic 4G Review!


Well, after a week of waiting after the official launch of the Samsung Epic 4G, we were able to get our hands-on a contract-free Epic 4G off Amazon for just $499.99 (the price has gone up slightly since we bought it).

This is actually my plumber friend&

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Viewsonic VX2433wm – Best 24-inch 1080P Monitor Review!


Couple weeks back, I ordered a new 24-inch Viewsonic VX2433wm 1080P monitor from Amazon because it was on sale for like just $210. Anyways, after using this monitor for couple weeks now, I love it.

This 24-inch Viewsonic monitor has full 1080P 1920×1080 resolution, which I love

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Canon Powershot S95 Review!


For those of you who want the best quality photos period without resorting to a full-fledged DSLR or even hybrid DSLR cameras, your best bet is to go with the Canon Powershot S95, which is the predecessor to Canon powershot S90.

Certainly, this is the “best” point-and-shoot camera on the market today for taking photos.  I meant “photos” here and if you are looking for something else like videos, there are other cameras you s

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Best Down Pillow Review!


For those of you who have been looking for the right down pillow like me (I’ve been searching for last 4 years), I’ve posted up a review of Pacific Coast Affirm pillows I received couple weeks back over on our bed blog, so check it out if you are looking for a pillow.


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Best and Fastest External Hard Drive Review!


For those of you searching better ways to manage your photos, videos, and other data.  Whatever they maybe, probably the best way to back them up is via an external hard drive.

An external hard drive comes in handy because it’s portable and you can always carry one along with your laptop.

I’ve been in the search of best and fastest external hard drives out there for few weeks now so let me show you some of the “best” and “fastest” options out there.

Also, let me note before we begin our review that the “best” external har

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Phone with Large Buttons For Seniors – Just5 Phone Review!


For those of you out there who do not care for smartphones with multi-touch touchscreen and mobile web browsing experience (for example, you are an artist in the woods), you might just like this new phone with large buttons and its simplicity might make you finally happier.

The Just5 Phone featured here is a one

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