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How to Make DIY RFID tag with Duct Tape! [RedNeck]


You know how duct tape can solve a lot of everyday problems including an airplane wing, and here’s another way to apply duct tape to roll your own RFID tag with a bunch of wires.

It ain’t pretty but gets the job done and the RFID read range is on par with commercial RFID tags, unbelievable.

It’s ugly, and I really want to try this experiment over again with a smaller IC

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How To Solder! [Free E-Book]


Personally, I never took any classes to learn how to solder, I’ve been doing it since I was 7 years old.   Well, I didn’t have steady hands back then but overtime, my hand has gotten steadier also I know a few tricks here and there.

One of those steady-hand tricks is to use your pinky finger as base, so make sure your pinky finger is touching the ground while you solder if you want steadier hands.

Other than that, you just need to get the hang of using “just the right amount” of solder and your soldering iron is at the right temperature.  The

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DIY Disco LED Lights!


Imagine your livingroom/playroom filled with LED lights and animated LED shelving.

Now imagine it syncing with your favorite music and you can have a small group dance party!

The shelves and ceiling have a refresh rate of 30Hz and can generate over 30 thousand colors per pixel. A pixel is a single shelf or can light in this case. Not bad for a few bucks and hours of spare time. Best part, Both the shelves and ceiling consume less than 50 Watts when fully lit. And less than 10 on

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DIY Speaker System Made from Recycled Tires!


Here’s a really neat DIY speaker system made from recycled tires by designer Wang Jinsheng.

Pretty neat stuff.

via bornrich

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DIY Smartphone Dot Matrix Printer!


I still remember the first printer I had back in 1989, it was “color” dot-matrix printer, top-of-the-line and cost me(or my dad) couple hundred bucks. It was so cool to see bunch of MS-DOS text printed in color, those were the days you rejoiced because you had 256 different colors and printing one page took only a minute.

Well, here’s a cool DIY project to remind you of that, a DIY smartphone dot-matrix printer (sorta) that you have to hold manually. Actually it’s more li

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DIY Shower Timer!


Here’s an interesting project that uses Arduino and RFID to measure how long you spend in the shower.  Instead of using a water-flow sensor (which would be overkill), Paul Asselin has made a simple RFID waving feature to tell the sensor when he starts/stops showering.  I think this is a neat idea because you could probably just install the RFID on the shower door to detect when you get in the shower and out.

I chose to use an Arduino because it’s my favorite platf

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Bacon DIY – How to Make Bacon Oil Candle!


I know many of you swear by everything bacon, including bacon hot sauce (I covered the launch at Swagapalooza btw, see video here).

Well, did you know you can make Bacon-powered candle simply by melting all the fat from bacon then use it!  Also, this bacon oil candle will surely make your whole house smell like it’s breakfast time all day, which I love by

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LED DIY – How to Make an Animated LED Brick Wall!


Here’s just a simply awesome LED DIY project you can do for your home and impress your friends, learn how to make an animated LED brick wall! This system uses Arduino, I2C protocol, and PC application to control it. This would be wonderful if you could control it with your Android phone.

The total of 121 BlinkM’s are divided into 2 blocks: 1 block of 6 horizontal ‘strands’, and 1 block of 5 horizontal ‘str

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Android Arduino!


The big news this week from Google’s IO Conference in San Francisco is that Google will be pushing for the development of Android Arduino, inviting all Arduino developers all over the world to utilize the power of Android with Arduino.

I think this is going to be great and I will personally be making some Android Arduino hacks soon so watch out for that.

You can read more about the Android Open Accessory Kit.

The Android 3.1 platform (also backported to Android 2.3.4) int

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How to Build a DIY Energy Meter for Less Than $20!


For those of you who want an inexpensive DIY energy meter that would detect how much electricity you use, you might want to take a look at this hack where the author uses a simple circuit to detect infrared pulses from the electric meter whenever there’s 1 watt of electricity used.


via hackaday


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