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DIY 14-Person Beer Pedal-Powered Vehicle!


Did you ever wonder what would happen if you mix pedal-powered vehicle, bunch of beer coolers, and 14-people to drive the engine while they got drunk off their a**es?

That’s exactly what we have here, a beer getaway vehicle that’s eco-friendly and  serves beer to its pedal helpers.

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DIY 3D Kinect Holographic Display!

Here’s a killer 3D-holographic display made with Kinect, you can see all of helicopter’s views from different angles when you move around the display. It’s not really “holographic” as in popping out from the surface but this is certainly an effect that might be implemented in future displays including our smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

3D display horizontal:

3D display on the wall:

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How to Make a DIY Keypad Door Entry System!


Here’s an interesting hack that will allow you to build d DIY keypad door entry system.  The highlight of this system is that you can hack a normal keylock with an RC servo, brilliant!

I believe that kids (and not only kids) that have their hands on electronics, wanted at least once in their lives to make an electronic keylock system for their house or room. When i was a kid, i had bought a Smart Kit Keycode lock system, and i had adapted it on the external door of my house. But this door had already the automatic-release mechanism. I only had to find which wires actua

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How to Install Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1!


As some of you may know, I’ve recently picked up a brand, spanking-new Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet.  It’s certainly a piece of art and a mean, lean machine that can do lots of things including running Ubuntu alongside Android Honeycomb dubbed “Tabuntu”.

For those of you who want to install Ubuntu on the Tab 10.1, you can check out my full step-by-step directions over at on How to install Ubunt

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How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1 Retail!


For those of you who’ve picked up the retail version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 lately (which I highly recommend, you can read my full review of Galaxy Tab 10.1), you can easily root it by reverting back to Android 3.0.1, installing Clockwork Recovery, then reverting back to stock OTA Android 3.1 and install root.

For full step-by-step directions, check out

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How to Make DIY Thick Bar Dumbbells!


While we are on the subject of DIY concrete dumbbells, I found another great tutorial on how to make your own DIY thick bar dumbbells using some galvanized pipes, pipe clamps, athletic tape, and standard weight plates.

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How to Make DIY Dumbbells from Concrete!


Today I went to Big5 and Sports Authority to buy some dumbells.  Sadly, they didn’t even have the 60 pound dumbbells I wanted plus you had to special order them.

Nevermind the ridiculous price of “one” dumbell (which was like $100), so I looked online for some answers on how to make your own DIY dumbells.  There’s a guy on YouTube who says you can make them out of milk jugs or laundry detergent containers but the only culprit is that you can only get them to go about 35 pounds

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FabFi – How to Make a DIY Long-Range WiFi Network!


For most people trying to install security surveillance cameras on their barn perhaps 1/2 a mile away, you can probably just hack an old Linksys router as a repeater to get the job done or even build a WiFi Cantenna.

But if you want to make a DIY long-range WiFi network like FabFi did in Afghanistan (hooking up literally every village together), you might just want to check out some of their open source instructions on how to do it yourself

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How to Make a DIY Touchpad Input Device!


Adding a touch-input to your next project can enhance its user experience but did you know that a simple touchpad isn’t rocket science but do-able under budget?

Giorgos Lazaridis shows you (and even shares his circuit diagrams) on how to make such DIY touchpad input device, and believe me, no one wants to push physical buttons these days.

I made this circuit, because i faced several problems with the touch-pad for my keycode doorlock project. I tried many dif

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DIY Receipt Printer Racing Game!


How would you make video games in a world where LCD displays didn’t exist?

Well, there’s actually an answer for that, use a receipt printer to literally print your screen while you try to make through the maze, as shown on this DIY receipt printer racing game.

No matter how pointless and wasteful this game seems, I am sure it has some good applications to other projects.

The game is played on a receipt printer, a common device you can see at every convenient store. It prints those papers you usually find crumbled up in your pockets, just to throw the

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