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Viper SmartStart for Blackberry at CES 2010!


Viper SmartStart for Blackberry will be featured at CES 2010, which I’ve been getting ready for, my flight is on the 6th.  You can see a demo of their iPhone app video here:


Press Release:


Best of Innovations Award-Winning Viper SmartStart will Launch on BlackBerry App World in Q1 2010 Using Existing Hardware

“Start Your Car from Virtually Anywhere with Your BlackBerry”

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Auto DIY – How to Make an Intake for Your Car!


Most of you hot rodders know that stock intake is cause of many power losses, especially the more horsepower your car has in stock condition, the more horsepower you lose when you first buy the car.

Well, there’s a ton of aftermarket intake you can buy but you can also make your own using pipes and pipe connectors (Arr…I forgot what these are called, see pics).

My friend is really good at this, turning $20 of Home Depot pipes and a K & N filter to make his own custom intake for cars.   The performance benefit you get from this hack job versus ones you

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Travis Pastrana 2010 New Year’s 250 Feet Jump!

Did Travis Pastrana make the world’s longest rally car jump at 250 feet today?

Watch the video to find out!


via autoblog

P.S. Freakin’ awesome and Happy New Year Travis!

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Auto DIY – How to Turn Your Car into a Snow Car!


Remember I had a blog post about the Subaru Trax Si, perhaps the fastest Snow car in the world?  Well it turns out that the company Mattracks actually makes the rubber track-conversion system for 4×4 vehicles, meaning Ken Block’s car isn’t nothing more than a Subarbu with a track-conversion system. (Sorry Ken!)

With these rubber track-conversion systems from Mattracks (although they are going to take a big bite out of your wallet, t

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Ford will be Adding WiFi with Broadband USB Add-on Capability to its SYNC Mobile System!


Ford will become the first car manufacturer to have WiFi on-board except with a twist, users can simply plug-in their Verizon or Sprint USB Broadband dongle to share internet via in-car WiFi with others (or just for yourself).

I think this is a much better idea than trying to sell in-car internet services through proprietary technology as no one will buy that plus a a USB broadband dongle can be carried off the car.

For one, I already own 2 USB Broadband cards, Ford will make consumers like me to get the car and improve my WiFi experience in the car.

I have to a

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Someone Broke Into My Car! – And How to Get Your Auto Window Replaced!


Well, today, someone broke into my car, breaking the driver side window.  Last time I got jacked was when my friend left his digital camera in the back seat.  Well, this time the jacker stole my Duracell Inverter.

But I am happy because they didn’t touch my golf clubs and my skateboard in the trunk, THAT would have driven me MAD.

Btw, did you know that you can call an auto window repl

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2011 Audi A8 is First Car Equipped Google Earth and Maps!


With Google’s new GoogleMaps Navigation threatening to take over the whole map industry, here’s the first bite from Google, a 2011 Audi A8 that will be equipped with Google Maps and Google Earth!

As for me, I will be happy that Google Maps is finally making their way into new cars as I find on-board GPS from other manufacturers either horrible, un-usable, or simply are out of style/date.

Why didn’t they do this earlier?

Definitely, year 2010 and 2011 will be the year of Google, especially when you consider the fact that Google is rolling out th

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Jet Engine DIY – How to Make Jet Engine!


Although not recommended since jet engines are much more dangerous than car engines (plus added fact that they can blow up without proper maintenance), here’s a cool DIY you can follow to learn making your own jet engine.

What can this be for?

Perhaps you need to build a cool jet-engine powered car like Jay Leno or for your Porsche.

One thing for sure, jet engines provide a

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Kia Kee! [Concept Sports Car]


Did you know “Kee” is used in martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do (official National sport of Korea where Kia is from) to gather energy during combat/fight?

Anyways, Kia, the South Korean manufacturer has a new concept car called Kia Kee.  At first look, it looks pretty promising, perhaps looks like an old Honda coupe.  Well, I just hope there’s enough bang for the buck, something around 300 horses should be plenty, at least for me.  What do you think?

Assuming Kia’s European fortunes continue to improve at the rate they are now, we could be rea

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Slow Motion Racing [VIDEO]

Check out this great collection of slow motion footage from car/motorcycle racing, you can see things clearly, all in super slo-mo!

We’ve come to enjoy YouTube maven Mattzel for his slow-motion manipulation of all manners of racing footage, and we’re happy to say that the high-resolution mix master has come strong with another compilation. This time there is more F1, more rally, more bikes, more crashes and more slow.


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