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Garden DIY – How to Make a Raised Bed Garden!


For those of you looking for ways to help your older parents manage their garden better without hurting their backs, you might want to think about building them a “raised” bed garden”.  I think this is also a great idea for keeping your lawn intact while adding a bed garden to your yard.

I first got this idea from a older couple i know. I just wanted it bigger. My ground has allot of clay in it so i built up my first garden about 10 inches off the ground.My parents are getting older so i thought i would make them a smaller one so they wouldn’t have t

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DIY Beer Robot Controlled By a Wiimote!


Just when you needed another beer and try to grab it, the beer walks away by itself!

If this has happened to you recently, you’ve been punked by the DIY beer robot.

via hackaday, getrobo

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How to Upgrade to iOS5 Today!


For those of you who want to upgrade to iOS5 today, you will need a developer account OR you can follow the directions here:

1. Download the iOS 5 IPSW file from the web (it’s easy and readily available. Just Google it and torrent it down). 2. Update your iPhone using iTunes. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, click on the Check for Update button with the Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) key pressed. Select the iOS 5 IPSW file from the place you downloaded it to. 3. Wait until it upgrades. A new activation screen will appear.

Activate iOS 5 1. Triple click the

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DIY Disco Android Syncs to Android Tablet Music


I’ve just received my first Arduino Uno, my first Arduino, and so excited that I will probably making some fun projects again, all controlled by an Android smartphone or tablet like these DIY Disco Androids that sync to music created by an Android tablet:

via make

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DIY Pool Robot Practicing to Enter World Professional Billiard Championship!


Have you ever seen a robot playing pool?  That’s right, this DIY Pool robot can play some serious game and even moves around the table to find the best angles. Check out the video after the jump, amazing.

Thomas Nierhoff, a masters student at Technische Universität München (TUM), used a human-sized mobile robot with dual 7-DOF arms that’s able to manipulate a pool cue similarly to how a human does. A camera above the tabl

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DIY Electric Diwheel Circular Vehicle Will Make Your Puke! (Literally)


We’ve see a handful of great custom vehicles but this one may be the most fun, it’s like having your own amusement park encased in two wheels.   The DIY Electric Diwheel circular vehicle is capable of cruising at near 40MPH, invert the driver, and do lots of crazy circular movements as if you were flying a jet airplane (but you are not).

This has to be one of the most creative vehicles invented in our lifetime, take a l

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Apple II Plus Computer Hacked as a USB Keyboard!


Maybe you have a bunch of old Apple computers lying around your house?  Why not hack your Apple II Plus computer as a USB keyboard?

Connecting an Apple II keyboard to a computer with USB is surprisingly easy with a Teensy board. Arduino (Teensyduino) code is available at . The Apple II uses an ASCII keyboard, which means that rather than returning scan codes, it returns a 7-bit ASCII value. This also means you can’t read the state of modifier keys like shift or control independently.

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DIY Kinect Shopping Cart Follows Wheelchairs!


For people in wheelchairs, shopping with a shopping cart can literally be a nightmare (unless the store provides you with mobile shopping carts). Here’s a great DIY Kinect shopping cart device that aims to solve that and follows the person in the wheelchair all over the store.

wi-GO is a project that seeks to unite the technological knowledge and liability in the construction of a common path toward integration and improved quality of life. With the aim of building a barrier-free society, the project wi-GO is a robot system based on sensor technology Kinect that enabl

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How to Make a DIY Toilet Sound Making Device!


If you are looking for ways to trick your visitors in the bathroom, here’s a great way to make a DIY sound-making device on your toilet. The clever part about this DIY is that the sound is activated when the unsuspecting visitor touches the handle and this is done with a wire connected to the metallic pipe. This could be a great way to detect touch on other projects, simple and sound.

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DIY Kinect Dodgeball!


Want to hack your own Kinect game of dodgeball?

How about this DIY Kinect Dodgeball game that uses Kinect for motion-sensing the player and iPhone/iPad for others throw balls at you?

It certainly is an interesting hack on what you can do with Kinect connected to other media devices.

via hackedgadgets, Source

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