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Atrix 4G Hack – How to Enable WebTop Without Laptop/Multimedia Dock!


I was hugely disappointed to find out that after purchasing my Atrix 4G and connecting it to my LCD monitor via HDMI cable, the Atrix 4G doesn’t do WebTop unless you connect it using an Atrix 4G Laptop Dock ($499) or Atrix 4G Multimedia Dock($83).

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How to Build a DIY Electric Fan Scooter!


Do you want to annoy the crap out of your neighbors, not by building a 480HP car that deserves to make all the noise it wants but by building (probably less than 5HP) scooter that uses the most annoying fan in the world and its top speed is about 2MPH?

Well, now you certainly can as the guys from MIT who built the infamous shopping cart with a fan have finally graduated and built somethi

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How to Build a DIY LM555 Digital Adding Machine!


Here’s an incredible DIY LM555 Adding Machine that Alan Yates built, it can do adding and subtraction using method of complement numbers.  This is like a digital version of old Adding machines people used to use back in the day.

The device was built with experimentation and modular testing in mind. Each decade ring is independently resetable a

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Best Samsung Epic Hacks!


For those of you who want to stay updated on your Samsung Epic 4G, here’s the best of Samsung Epic Hacks (that I personally made for you):


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Photoshop/CSS Tutorial – How to Make a 3D Button that you Can Press!


In this Photoshop slash CSS tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a 3D button that you can actually press down on when you hover over it (or when you actually click on it if you want).

This is actually a trick I used to use all the time while designing websites and it can really spice up your website.  (Why do I not use it on this blog?  Well, my blog has a ton of blog posts and it runs on 4 web servers, if I put too many graphics, it will come to a screeching halt and the site would be a lot slower even though it’s slow already.)

First, you will need to make a

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Photoshop Tutorial – How to Make a Simple 3D Button in 5 Minutes!


I’ve been learning Photoshop for years (and I didn’t go to school or anything like that, just picked up things here and there) and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it, not completely professional but I can make a 3D button in just a minute or so.

Anyways, it’s not that hard to do, let me show you how to make a very simple and basic 3D button in just 5 minutes of your time:

First, open up Photoshop. (duh!)

Next, hit Ctrl+N to create a new image. Make sure you start learning all the shortcuts in Photoshop, it will make your life easier.


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CNC DIY – How to Build your own DIY CNC!


Just when you thought you had to throw away all your spare parts (and even PVC pipes), someone hits you in the head (perhaps God, Budda, whatever), and you realize that you can make an absolutely, simply-amazing DIY CNC machine.

Cssshop, member of Instructables says about his new DIY CNC project:

I’ve always dreamed of having a CNC and window shopped all the time on the internet. Finally, I discovered Instructables and got plenty of good ideas from others. Ninety percent of my parts were acquired from junk or unused stuff. It doesn’t look pretty but it̵

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How to Make Non-Toxic DIY Etching Solution!


Etching solution is probably more well known as solution containing Iron(III) Chloride.  This Iron (III) Chloride is probably very bad for our environment (it is) or toxic plus very acidic. (See Wikipedia here for more info.)

If you have kids in your house and you like to etch your own PCBs, having too much of this toxic, etching solution is probably not a smart idea nor is it great for the environment everytime you wash it down the toilet (or sink).

Now, there’s a better, environment

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How to Install SSD (Solid State Drive) Hard Disk on Your Laptop!


Yesterday, I installed my very first SSD (Solid State Drive) because my ASUS UL30Vt‘s hard disk suddenly died on me. Of course, I remembered that SSD can be a great enhancement for your laptop or desktop because the file transfer rates are near 200MB+/s in real life and 2-4X faster on most IO tasks.

Anyways, installing SSD on a laptop can be pretty darn easy. In fact, all I really needed to do was unscrew about 8 screws then sc

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DIY Machete Slingshot!


Need a real weapon?  How about making yourself a DIY machete slingshot like this guy dido?  Of course, this isn’t exactly the best way to kill anything as you will have to wear some safety equipment in case the slingshot fails but could be a great way to pass some time in the wild. (See video after break!)

Perhaps if you end up in the middle of nowhere and you’ve got some wood and machete AND nothing to eat, this could be a good weapon of choice…

That’s not all though, the YouT

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