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How to Build a Salt-Water Powered LED Light!


You probably well know of the focus that the world has been giving to alternative energy.  And I am sure schools are now pushing more ways to power our electronics than ever.

Which brings us to this awesome DIY that shows you how to build a salt-water powered LED light. You can also substitute lime juice for the salt-water.

Also see:

Beer Powered Batteries!

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How to Make a DIY Amplifier for Less Than $20!


Dino Segovis from, has put an excellent tutorial on how to build your own DIY Amplifier for less than $20 with LM386 chip and parts bought from RadioShack.

As you can see in the video below, this 1/2 watt DIY amplifier is pretty powerful little amp, all encased in an altoids tin. This small amp even has a guitar jack and ability to distort sounds, pretty darn impressive for a small circuit.

I think this is a great, simple circuit for those of you who want to build your amps. In fact, I will have

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How to Make DIY Arduino Ethernet CandyGrabber!


I’ve spent a lot of time at my previous company Comfile building ethernet-enabled devices, which is one of my favorite projects of all time (you can see some of my previous projects after this article at the bottom).

Anyways, Odvratno Zgodan has made a really cool device, it’s an ethernet-enabled DIY Arduino CandyGrabber, which works off Adobe AIR, PHP socket, Red5 server to allow anyone to control his CandyGrabber of the internet. You can try it out yourself here at

This co

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How to Build a DIY Portable Solar Charging System!


5 years ago, it was a lot harder to build your own solar-charging systems but now there are so much more resources plus price of solar systems have dropped quite a bit.  If you own a home and you have some space in your backyard (or roof) for solar panels, there’s absolutely no reason why you aren’t powering some of your home electronics via the power of the sun (unless you live in Alaska and it’s no-sun season).

Here’s a great example of a DIY portable solar

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How to Make DIY Camouflage Book Speakers!


Want to add some sound to your bookshelves without adding big speakers that will take up space?  Here’s an excellent idea, make a DIY camouflage book speakers. (See Steve Hoefer’s full DIY page here.)

My mom actually has two GIANT speakers taking up a whole lot of space on her custom bookshelves (so she can listen to classical music) but this brings up the idea that she can make a bunch of these camouflage book speakers and finally get rid of those old ones.

I think I

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How to Make a DIY Auto-filling Water Dish Machine for Dogs!


Here’s a genius idea for those of you guys with dogs so you won’t ever have to fill their water dish again in your life, perhaps just clean it once in awhile.  It’s an auto-filling dog dish machine that will recognize when your dog’s water dish is empty and fill it precisely to the top. The system uses pretty simple schematics and Arduino so anyone with decent circuit skills should build something similar easily as schematics is provided.

My friend by the way has 5 dogs, this cou

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How to Make DIY Stairs Out of Plywood!


For those of you wanting to make your own stairs, perhaps an addition to your home where it needs it, here’s a great tutorial/example on how to make stairs out of plywood.

The amazing part? This guy used just one sheet of plywood to make the stairs you see here right now.

The hardest part about making your own DIY stairs seems to be planning and making sure you cut out the right pieces.  Nevertheless, I think I will bookmark this, surely there will be a time when someone

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How to Do Short Take Off and Landing with Single Engine Airplane!


I heard that many places in Alaska, there are no roads and the only way you can get home is via a small single-engine airplane.  Well, my gosh, the Alaskans have figured out how to land on rocks in just a couple feet!  And also take-off within just couple feet, this is simply amazing and don’t forget that they even have STOL (Short Take Off Landing) competition every year.

The key seems pretty simple enough, just attach some four-wheeler wheels to your single-engine airplane then deflate your tires to absorb more of the impact from landing and land short.


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Kinect Hack – How to Juggle with Kinect!


Do you want to learn to juggle?  Or perhaps want to just keep your juggling skills honed?

If you’ve got Kinect, you can download the juggle program and try it yourself with your computer.

Also check out these Street Fighter Style fireballs you can do:

Download the fireball program here.

via hackaday

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USB Hack – How to Make Your Own DIY USB Keylogger!


Talk about stealth, this guy has made his own DIY USB keylogger, which is actually USB keyboard adapter with a PIC microcontroller “inside” it as its brains.

Of course, keylogging is probably not legal to do unless you have a good reason like you are an FBI agent spying on suspects/terrorists.

Regardless, knowing how one can make a DIY USB keylogger that is also super-stealth is good to know for your own security that there are smart people o

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