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USB Hacks – How to Remove Auto-Play Spyware/Virus From USB Flash Drives!


Sometimes, manufacturers can ship their USB flash drives with spyware or virus by accident. (or someone has hacked it on there)

Most of these spyware/viruses can be rather easy to remove with some DOS command skills.  Usually, they involve running off the Autorun.inf, which runs the moment you connect the USB flash drive to your Windows computer.

Just delete that file and you should most likely be fine to go.

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USB Hacks – How to Make a DIY USB Marble Machine!



For those of you who have all the time in the world to kill, you might want to think about building one of these nifty USB marble machines that’s all self-sustaining and automated (other than the USB power).  Then, you will have really no time at all but to stare at your marbles going through the same marvelous steps over and over again.

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USB Hack – DIY USB Pepper Mouth!


For those of you who swear you can’t stop swearing in front of your kids, friends, and colleagues, you will need one of these DIY USB pepper mouth to shut your mouth up!

Now, I would like to see a brain-reading device with the same features.  Umm… maybe like this brain-shocking device, no?

“Pepper Mouth” is a usb device that releases bad sm

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Lego USB Hub!


For those of you who love legos, check out the Lego USB Hub from USBGeek, just $10, comes in yellow, white, and brown.  Also, it seems like you can stack them like legos to make a super-big USB hub.

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Ubuntu Hack – How to Make a Bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive!

Last night I had the pleasure of making my very first bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  The reason I made this new Ubuntu USB flash drive was because I wanted to have a real “portable” linux system that I can run everywhere.

Where, I got it up and running in just about 5 minutes (minus the fact that I had to download the ISO file).   Ubuntu 9.10 ran flawlessly on my ASUS UL30Jt laptop, everything worked out of the box, the wireless, graphics, sound, and even my volume keys!

Anyways, let me show you how to make your own bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  I will sh

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Linux Hack – How to Make Persistent Bootable USB Flash Live Disks for Ubuntu/Linux Operating Systems!


Remember I told you about a cool free software called UNetbootin that lets you make bootable USB flash drives for your linux operating systems?

Well, I ran into one problem, I could only make live CD versions of linux, but not able to use it as a hard drive in “persistent mode”.

You can use Ubuntu’s USB-imagewriter to make a persistent bootable USB flash drive except you will need Ubuntu installed to use the program to begin with.

For those of you who are running Windows, you can get this awesome free program called

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USB Hack – How to Boot from USB Stick when Your Computer/Laptop Doesn’t Support it!

For those of you who have really, OLD computers and you want to boot your new USB OS and your computer/laptop doesn’t support it, you can install PLOP boot manager, which will act as a secondary boot manager so you can boot your USB stick.

PLoP provides different ways to boot into PLoP boot manager including Windows and Linux systems.

The PLoP Boot Manager is a small program to boot different operating systems. You can boot t

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USB Boot Hack – How to Save/Restore USB Images!


Recently, I’ve been doing more stuff with my USB flash stick, including making a Windows 7 USB Flash installation stick and right now trying the new Google Chrome OS on USB.

Well, I don’t want to buy more USB flash sticks to try different USB OSes but if you use Windows, you are in luck because Windows Image Writer (free software) will let you save/restore USB images at the click of

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Install Windows 7 with USB Flash Drive!


For those of you who despise carrying a Windows 7 installation DVD with you everywhere or your laptop/netbook doesn’t have a DVD drive, you might want to learn how to install Windows 7 without an optical drive but with a USB flash drive.

1. Make sure you have Windows 7 discs.  If you have an ISO version, you can use MagicISO (freeware that will let you attach your ISO as a virtual DVD drive). (Download MagicISO here)

2. Format your USB flash drive using diskpart. *Make sure you

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iPad Hack – How to Charge iPad via Computer USB Ports!

For those of you who have been complaining that your iPad doesn’t charge via a regular USB port on your computer or laptop, here’s some clarification from my friend Greg over at that it will charge if you put it in sleep mode:

The iPad will power over USB ports with “high power” while in use.

    The iPad will [obviously] charge when used with the supplied 10 watt power adapter. The iPad will not charge over lower powered USB ports while “in use”  however, they will charge when asleep.
If the user gets the iPad message “Not Charging” yo

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