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How to Make a DIY Dice USB Flash Drive!


USB flash drives are becoming smaller and smaller, giving hackers and makers more ways to turn mini USB flash drives into more personal items such as this DIY Dice USB flash drive.

The process of making a DIY Dice USB flash drive is actually rather simple, the hardest part is basically cutting a hole out of your dice, which shouldn’t be too hard so long as you have the right tools. This is a great reference for those of you w

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PQI USB 3.0 Mini Flash Drive!


Whoa! It’s finally here, no longer will be settle for slow 10MB/s USB flash drives but hopefully near 100MB/s transfer speeds with the PQU USB 3.0 mini flash drives.

Not only these new USB 3.0 flash drives do USB 3.0 speeds but add to the fact that their form-factor is tiny enough to lose them in your pockets. I will definitely ordering a bunch of these when they are available soon but you need to make sure you have USB 3.0 ports on your computer/laptop to take advantage of USB 3.0, although these are backward compatible.

Press Release:

PQI Releases Smal

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USB Hack – How to Make Your Own DIY USB Keylogger!


Talk about stealth, this guy has made his own DIY USB keylogger, which is actually USB keyboard adapter with a PIC microcontroller “inside” it as its brains.

Of course, keylogging is probably not legal to do unless you have a good reason like you are an FBI agent spying on suspects/terrorists.

Regardless, knowing how one can make a DIY USB keylogger that is also super-stealth is good to know for your own security that there are smart people o

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Portable USB Solar Panel Charger/Battery Pack Review!


I’ve been meaning to get a USB solar charger/battery pack but luckily, sent me one for a review couple weeks back.  Anyways, this thing is pretty awesome, it basically re-charges itself when there’s even any hint of light.

How powerful is it? It’s rated at 2600mAh, meaning you can probably re-charge your iPhone/Android smartphone/Blackberry twice fully.

Besides that, it also comes wit

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a DSLR Wireless Transmitter!


No more do you need to spend thousands on DSLR wireless transmitters.


You can get a USB wireless kit with receiver and transmitter then connect the transmitter to your DSLR via

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Standalone USB Duplicators Faster than USB 3.0!


For those of you looking for the fastest USB duplicators in the world (perhaps for your company’s latest marketing flash drives you will be handing out at the next tradeshow), look nowhere but at Nexcopy’s new line of standalone USB Duplicators.  It’s OS-less embedded systems are practical an

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How To Check If Your Computer Has USB 2.0!


Most new computers and laptops these days ship with USB 2.0 but if you want to check if your computer/laptop has USB 2.0, here’s how:

For Windows, go to your Device Manager, then open up the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” tab.

You should find something with “Enhanced” in it.  If you do, that means most likely all the USB ports on your computer are USB 2.0 enabled.

Also, if you use a USB hub, it make sure you get a USB 2.0 compatible USB hub.

If you have any suspicions for example that your USB 2.0 enabled portable hard d

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USB Hack – How to Make a USB Bike Generator!


Your bike has no cigarette adapter so you can get a USB charger and recharger your gadgets?

No problem, you can build yourself a USB bike generator that actually uses a USB charger hooked up to your bike so

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1080P HD WebCam Review!


For those of you aspiring YouTubers out there who constantly chatter in front of your computer to upload your daily shows, there’s a better alternative than using a camcorder, the 1080P HD webcam from Logitech!, the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910.

This little beast can be easily attached to LCD displays and laptops featuring an auto-focus, precision Carl Zeiss lens, built-in noise-cancelling mics for stereo H

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NES Hacks – How to Make a USB NES Controller!


Running out of ideas on what to do with your old NES controller?  No worries, convert it into a USB NES Controller!

In this instructable, I will show you how to hook up a Nintendo Entertainment System control pad to an arduino, the arduino is in turn running a special sketch that allows it to show up to a PC as a USB HID joystick!

Also see more NES stuff on!

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