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Best MP3 Player Review – Not an iPod Sorry!


Surprisingly, many people “don’t” know which MP3 player is the best.  It’s not iPod, iPod Touch, nor the iPhone.

I am not talking about which MP3 player can browse the web, have touch interface, or download new paid apps, not all that junk I don’t need while I listen to my music.

I personally own an iPod and an iPod Touch but I rarely use them as my

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Online Storage DIY – How to Synchronize Dropbox and ZumoDrive on Windows

Here’s a good DIY on how to synchronize online-storage services Dropbox and ZumoDrive on Windows.

Since Dropbox is Linux-compatible yet ZumoDrive isn’t, this might be a great way to synchronize the two if you have to use various different machines.

For me, one the the biggest features of Dropbox is the availability on Linux, which ZumoDrive does not offer. On the other hand, ZumoDrive has a client for iPhone, which Dropbox does no

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iPhone Hack – How to Make your iPhone a Storage Device!

iphone has a detailed write-up on how to make your iPhone a storage device via the Wi-Fi network.

What is more economical:  Buying a 2GB flash drive or downloading a $0.99 cent application to get 2GBs of free storage on your iPhone?  Don’t answer.  We know.

MiDisk is one of those great iPhone applications.  The app gives you the ability to create Directories on your iPhone for storing files, documents etc.  It’s great because you don’t need the iPhone sync app – you can use the iPhone as a mass storage device.

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USB Hack – How to Turn a USB Flash Drive into a Local Hard Disk! has a great write up on how to turn a USB Flash drive into a local hard disk.  This might be a great way to stick everything you need in a USB if you happen to use multiple computers on daily basis

The process of turning a USB stick into a hard drive is fairly easy.  However, there are limitations.  For example, this works best with Windows XP operating systems.  You also need to update the drivers for the device for any computer you are going to use.  Typically, this isn’t a big deal as you can easily do this for your work and home computers.  However, this isn

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Kingston DataTraveler 32 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive!


For the ultimate USB flash drive, you might want to order this awesome 32GB Kingston Flash Drive from Amazon, I will have to order one today.  For $70, it’s a steal for the amount of data you can store on this little thing.  Heck, get 10 of these and you can backup ALL your data.

DataTraveler 150 USB Flash drive is big news in mobile storage. With a capacity of 32GB, it lets you store more digital files than ever before on one drive. DataTraveler 150 from Kingston helps budget-conscious

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USB DIY – How to Make a Wooden USB Post-It Flash Drive!


Now you can have the best of both worlds, new and old with the wooden USB Post-It flash drive!

Just take a chuck of wood, drill a hole in it then plug a 2GB USB memory module in the very same hole, now remove enough wood to put some mini post it on it and “Voila” you just made your very own 2GB Wooden USB Thumb key with post it dispenser…

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DealMax – 4GB miniSDHC for $9.99!

A great deal on a miniSDHC card, ending real soon so just a heads up for those of you who need it.

Well, this sale will end in few hours but for those of you who want to get a 4GB microSDHC card for just $9.99, use the coupon link below:

Coupon Link

via coupon box

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USB Flash Drive Combination Lock!


Here’s an interesting gadget that does make sense for those of you still not encrypting your data on your USB flash drives.

Of course, a better way is to software-encrypt your data but for those of us in hurry, you might be able to protect your data using this new USB lock.  Maybe they can make a digital version of this combination lock.

Or even better, get a fingerprint-enabled USB flash drive.

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Glasses USB Flash Drive!


With a big amount of USB Flash Drives now getting smaller and smaller with invent of MicroSD cards, here’s a new design that might actually be useful for people who are prone to losing small things.

I find the design to be truly brilliant.  When I pack up my laptop bag there are a few things that always get packed along with my laptop, one thing being at least one book.  If you ever wanted to ke

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CES 2009 SwissFlash – Swiss Knife on Steroids!


Looks like the next generation swiss knife is here, a SwissFlash, equipped your typical scissor, knife, and of course, a 32GB Samsung flash drive coupled with fingerprint sensor too.

I’d say this is the swiss knife on steroids.  It should be available at Victorinox soon.

But it’s also designed to serve as a handy presentation remote, since it comes with bluetooth and a set of emulated left and right mouse buttons. So the knife you probably already c

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