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How to Make Your iPad Waterproof with Dry Case!


For those of you with an iPad or any 10.1″ tablet device and you want to take it to the beach or near the water, there’s a cool gadget for that, this Dry Case comes with self vacuum-sealing technology so your tablet device will stay dry up to 100 feet in the water.  Pretty good idea, I think many will find this very useful.

Press Release:

Wilmington, NC (April 2011)—Dry Corp has been receiving a large number of inquiries lately regarding whether or not their DryCASE Tablet will work with the iPad 2.

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How to Make Non-Toxic DIY Etching Solution!


Etching solution is probably more well known as solution containing Iron(III) Chloride.  This Iron (III) Chloride is probably very bad for our environment (it is) or toxic plus very acidic. (See Wikipedia here for more info.)

If you have kids in your house and you like to etch your own PCBs, having too much of this toxic, etching solution is probably not a smart idea nor is it great for the environment everytime you wash it down the toilet (or sink).

Now, there’s a better, environment

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How to Install SSD (Solid State Drive) Hard Disk on Your Laptop!


Yesterday, I installed my very first SSD (Solid State Drive) because my ASUS UL30Vt‘s hard disk suddenly died on me. Of course, I remembered that SSD can be a great enhancement for your laptop or desktop because the file transfer rates are near 200MB+/s in real life and 2-4X faster on most IO tasks.

Anyways, installing SSD on a laptop can be pretty darn easy. In fact, all I really needed to do was unscrew about 8 screws then sc

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How to Backup and Restore your Computer(s) FREE!

There are far too many tools you can pay for to backup and restore your computers out there but for those of you looking to save a dime, perhaps because you run your own business, you might want to look into Clonezilla, which allows you to backup multiple computers (like upto 41) in just 10 minutes.

Clonezilla, based on DRBL, Partclone and udpcast, allows you to do bare metal backup and recovery. Two types of Clonezilla are available, Clonezilla live and Clonezilla SE (server edition). Clonezilla live is suitable for single machin

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DIY Electronic Magic 8-Ball!


Remember those “magic” 8-balls you used to do in college? No, I am not talking about that one but the one that tells your future. I am sure many of you have played with it now there’s a DIY guide on how to make your own DIY electronic magic 8-ball!

For about a week now I have been staring at a cellphone charger my friend Caitlin gave me to repair after she had loaned it to some chimpanzees for apparent durability testing. I was debating on whether I had put the repair off long enough, when, with no humans in earshot to ask, I figured I would build a Magic

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DIY Remote Controlled, Dimmable LED Lamp!


Want to impress your friends when they are hanging out in your livingroom, perhaps watching football or basketball?

Build yourself one of these nifty DIY remote-controlled and dimmable LED lamps, it will probably also drive your cat nuts! (Watch video after the break.)

via hackaday, Project Page

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DIY Scanning Electron Microscope!


If you ever want to get down to the nitty, gritty details on stuff (perhaps small ants), you probably wouldn’t need a DIY scanning electron microscope but that’s exactly what this guy did.  Watch the video demo of his DIY scanning electron microscope after the break:

And below is an example of ant being scanned on an electron microscope:

via hackedgadgets,

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LED Craft Hack – How to Make a LED Blanket!


You know kids love playing in a blanket with flashlights, at least I remember doing so playing ghost and monster all night long. Well, what if you can add some LEDs to a quilted blanket? This would make some awesome present for your kids or perhaps a good blanket to carry with you in the dark.

How to make this LED blanket? Check out the video of the LED blank below then hit up the source link for all godly-details on how to make your own LED blanket.

via make,

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DIY Automated Home Brewery Robot!


Can you imagine being able to brew your own beer at home at the touch of a button?  And instead doing actual grunt work you get to enjoy your DIY automated home brewery robot get to work while you drink a sip of the last batch you made?

That’s exactly what this guy did, watch video after the break.

Now, if I can only figure out how to implement this for my Korean rice wine, that would put a big smile on my face ’till the day I die.

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