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How to Build a DIY Portable Solar Charging System!


5 years ago, it was a lot harder to build your own solar-charging systems but now there are so much more resources plus price of solar systems have dropped quite a bit.  If you own a home and you have some space in your backyard (or roof) for solar panels, there’s absolutely no reason why you aren’t powering some of your home electronics via the power of the sun (unless you live in Alaska and it’s no-sun season).

Here’s a great example of a DIY portable solar

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How to Make DIY Camouflage Book Speakers!


Want to add some sound to your bookshelves without adding big speakers that will take up space?  Here’s an excellent idea, make a DIY camouflage book speakers. (See Steve Hoefer’s full DIY page here.)

My mom actually has two GIANT speakers taking up a whole lot of space on her custom bookshelves (so she can listen to classical music) but this brings up the idea that she can make a bunch of these camouflage book speakers and finally get rid of those old ones.

I think I

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How to Make a DIY Auto-filling Water Dish Machine for Dogs!


Here’s a genius idea for those of you guys with dogs so you won’t ever have to fill their water dish again in your life, perhaps just clean it once in awhile.  It’s an auto-filling dog dish machine that will recognize when your dog’s water dish is empty and fill it precisely to the top. The system uses pretty simple schematics and Arduino so anyone with decent circuit skills should build something similar easily as schematics is provided.

My friend by the way has 5 dogs, this cou

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How to Get Old With!


Here’s an interesting site that morphs your age so you look older.  What do you think?  Do I look older now?

Try your own age prediction at

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Buy Movies on YouTube!


Before Google came out with YouTube, I had a strong feeling that YouTube is going to eventually replace cable/satellite TV as we know it.   Well, today YouTube announced another step towards that, they are offering real movies you can stream to your computer, sorta like what Amazon has been doing but through YouTube.

I think this is a huge step for YouTube as I have personally been a big part of as a YouTube partner with my growing YouTube channel.  What YouTube does is huge for millions of self-proclaimed movie directors, high school students with talent, and other normal

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SEE What is Inside the FBI GPS Tracking Device!


It’s probably fair to assume that FBI hires the best hackers of the world, and also fair to assume that they probably hire a lot of hackers (who’ve been caught) in return for freedom instead of jail.

Anyways, it’s easy to say that FBI does have these highly sophisticated equipment but have you actually seen one in real life?

If not that’s okay too because the photos posted here and at iFixIt show you exactly that, the inside working of a real FBI GPS tr

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PQI USB 3.0 Mini Flash Drive!


Whoa! It’s finally here, no longer will be settle for slow 10MB/s USB flash drives but hopefully near 100MB/s transfer speeds with the PQU USB 3.0 mini flash drives.

Not only these new USB 3.0 flash drives do USB 3.0 speeds but add to the fact that their form-factor is tiny enough to lose them in your pockets. I will definitely ordering a bunch of these when they are available soon but you need to make sure you have USB 3.0 ports on your computer/laptop to take advantage of USB 3.0, although these are backward compatible.

Press Release:

PQI Releases Smal

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World’s Smallest DIY USB PC with HDMI Output!


This has to be the world’s smallest DIY USB PC, fully functional with an HDMI output so you can plug in to your LCD monitor/keyboard and be ready to boot it up.

This DIY USB PC packs a 700MHz ARM 11 CPU, 128MB of RAM, and OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics, pretty click device.

I imagine there will become a day when all desktop PCs will become this size or perhaps the smartphones and PCs will converge soon or later.

via make

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USB Hack – How to Make Your Own DIY USB Keylogger!


Talk about stealth, this guy has made his own DIY USB keylogger, which is actually USB keyboard adapter with a PIC microcontroller “inside” it as its brains.

Of course, keylogging is probably not legal to do unless you have a good reason like you are an FBI agent spying on suspects/terrorists.

Regardless, knowing how one can make a DIY USB keylogger that is also super-stealth is good to know for your own security that there are smart people o

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Circuits DIY – How to Make Your Own Capacitor!


Do you know what capacitors do?  For those of you who don’t know (don’t worry most people don’t know what capacitors are unless you took some electrical engineering classes in college or you are electrician/bass-head), capacitors are basically electronic parts that can store energy, almost like a battery (it is kinda of one).

Anyways, for some reason the world ends tomorrow, perhaps you can make your own capacitor (provided there’s some aluminum foil still around, you can make that too first if needed) using aluminum foil!

I am not going to bur

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