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Windows 7 Hack – Windows 7 Installed on a MacBook Pro!



Windows 7 has officially been installed on a MacBook Pro.  As great as it sounds, (the marriage between the two competitors) I think Windows 7 might actually have a chance going against the big Apple this time.

Too bad the multi-touch touchpad can’t be supported on Win 7 but heck, this is pretty good already.

You will have to get caught up on Windows 7 reviews if you haven’t yet.

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Download New Ubuntu 8.10!


As a person who dislikes Apple and Microsoft‘s deceptive advertising practices, I am glad that the new version of Ubuntu 8.10 is now available for download.  Although I have too many apps working on my Windows PC, I will be trying out Ubuntu 8.10 on my spare laptops and see how well it performs.  Maybe I might even swap out my main PC too soon.


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Windows 7 Rave and Reviews!



As a person who grew up with MS-DOS at age of 9 and deleted on the first day I got the 386SX-25Mhz PC, I still am sorta Windows fan but yes I am also one of the best critics.

Anyways, Microsoft is obviously trying to changing their bad “Vista” image with their new Windows 7, which supposedly is fully backward-compatible with V

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Google Android Open Source Official!


Google Android, an mobile open-source platform is now available for download.  (Yes, it’s official now!)

Based on the Linux platform, this Google Android might become really big, maybe even much bigger than the iPhone market.

I really think this Android will live long as its based on open-source linux, meaning we should even have college textbooks that will study how Android wor

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Interview with Inventor of Linux, Linus Torvalds!


I’ve read books of 2 of the most unique creators of operating systems, that is Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft Windows.

Of course, I did get the feeling that Bill Gates was a money-hungry, arrogant, geek-vampire from his book while I got the feel

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Windows Vista Tips – How to Recover to an Earlier Point in Time!


Today, I decided to buy a new laptop since my previous two $2000 HP laptops keep dying on me constantly.

I did get a Dell Inspiron 1525 for about $600 at my local BestBuy.  It turns out the laptop gives you bang for your dollar.

Although I do hate even saying Vista as of lately, I decided to give it another go and see if Vista would stay on the laptop as it came with it.  The funniest thing happened though, I got the “unlimited” blue screens of death after installing one of my olde

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Eee PC Hack – How to Make your Eee PC Boot in just 5 seconds!


Here’s a cool Eee PC Hack that uses a modified Fedora Linux to speed up the boot time of Eee PCs.  I think this shows how great linux operating systems are modification by uses.  I am sure you can do something similar with Windows, but not to the extent this hack does.

How did they do it? Arjan said it starts with the right attitude. “It’s not about booting faster, it’s about booting in 5 seconds.” Instead of saving a second here and there, set a time budget for the whole system, and make each step of the boot finish in

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Inspiron DIY Hack – How to Run OS-X on a Dell Mini Inspiron 9!


Looks like someone was able to install OS-X on a Dell Mini, nice…

The steps to Leopard-ize the mini are actually quite simple and easy to follow. After you download the slipstreamed ISO and burn the 3.2GB ISO to a DVD you boot up the Dell mini off a external DVD drive (Press 0 (Zero) at the BIOS screen) and installed Leopard as usual.

via laptoppimp,

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Debian Hack – How to Setup your Mirror!

This might not be for all of you but for those Linuxers out there, here’s an example of how to setup your mirror:

(Mirror is a way of replicating one server to another btw if you didn’t know.)

To download the mirrors I use this script: <script>

#!/bin/bash OPTIONS="--nosource --progress --postcleanup --ignore-release-gpg --ignore-small-errors --pdiff=none"; MIRROR=`basename ${0} | cut -f2 -d "_"` DEST="/home/debian-mirror" case "${MIRROR}" in "debian" ) METHOD="--method=http" HOST="--host=ftp.d

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I am a PC Microsoft Ad forgot the Blue Screen of Death!


Here’s Microsoft’s latest “I am a PC” ad and I think we could have replaced “I am a human” for “I am a PC” here.

Oh yeah, they did forget to mention that “I am a PC and my Vista sucks” and that the ad itself was made on a Mac.

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