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Computer Hack – How to Make your PC run Faster!

Here’s a really, really, simple hack that will make your PC (or Mac) run faster:

“Minimize” any windows you are not using, run them in the background.


Computer operating systems simply take up a lot more memory and CPU resources when windows are open since the graphics have to be constantly updated.

If you are editing videos, using Photoshop, or anything that requires a lot of memory, you can make them run ever so slightly faster by either closing or minimizing any other applications that you don’t need to run.

Simple but this works r

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Vista DIY – How to Use Speech Recognition in Windows Vista!


If you have been running Vista and haven’t messed around with the speech recognition function, this might be a great time to do it and has a great guide on how to use the speech recognition feature in Windows Vista.

In this article I will talk once more about Windows Speech Recognition and how to benefit from all its advanced configuration options. I will show you how to create new speech profiles and how to manage them, how to add vocabularies or change the existing ones used by the tool. Other topics that will be covered

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Linux Boot Hack – How to Password Protect GRUB!


If you are a linux user like me, you know the value of being able to password-protect your GRUB entries so even if your whole PC gets stolen, no one should be able to access your valuable, classified data. (or porn?)

When talking of security in computer systems one often needs to analyse the situation one is in and choose the appropriate options. If you have hackers getting physical access to your computer system the GRUB security measures won’t last a second (pretty much nothing would do). Your best bet in such a situation is to keep the hard dr

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How To Convert Your Old PC Into A Server

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Microsoft Devising Evil Plans to Take Over the Retail World!

Microsoft announced that they will be planning new retail stores to outwit Apple.

Wow… I truly think this won’t help their products since most PCs are already monopolized by Microsoft but then, if they want to waste more money on marketing, especially when retail is doing bad, by all means go ahead.  They truly must have billions of dollars to throw down the toilet. :p

Mr. Porter, who is set to start work on Tuesday, is charged with improving the PC-buying experience.

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OLPC Hack – How to Run OLPC on any Laptop!


OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), can now be run on any computer via a USB flash drive.  If you wanted to get your child one of these OLPCs, you no longer have to buy an OLPC.  Just get a used laptop for 50 bucks then simply stick one of these Sugar on Stick USB flash devices that will run OLPC operating system.

There are two versions of Sugar on a Stick available at the moment. One is based on Fedora 10, whil

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Wii Hack – How to Make Wii Remote work in Ubuntu!

Here’s a cool Wii hack that some of you Ubuntu hackers might want to do, how to make Wiimote work in Ubuntu.  As a Ubuntu user myself, this could come handy if you are thinking of making your own Ubuntu/Wiimote multi-touch device.

Open up a terminal (Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal) and enter the following command

sudo aptitude install wminput wmgui lswm

Next, we need to find the bluetooth device address of your Wii remote, this will allow you to connect to

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Apple’s new 3D OSX


So I mentioned this the other day at Laptop Pimp, but I think some of our gadget and tech nerds here at Zedomax would find it interesting.

It seems Apple is working on a new OSX build that would have a 3D desktop. It’s hard to explain, so check out these drawings to get an idea of what I mean. It all looks very interesting, and I wonder how the mouse would interact in the space, as well as if touch screen tech would add to this.

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Mac Hack – How to Open Windows Attachments on a Mac


Sometimes Windows users forget that not all Mac users have the built-in Windows software they are used to. And those same Mac users are confused by files their computers can’t open or even recognize. The following video will show you same great solutions for opening Windows files on a Mac.

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Microsoft Windows 3.X Officially Retired!


Microsoft Windows v.3.x has officially been retired.  Wait, I thought it was retired 10 years ago? Lol, I hope no one is using Windows v.3.x or WIn98 for that matter.

Windows 3.x has come to the closing moments of its long life.

On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences for the software that made its debut in May 1990 in the US.

The various versions of Windows 3.x (including 3.11) released in the early 1990s, were the first of Microsoft’s graphical user interfaces to win huge worldwide success.

They helped Microso

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