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USB Boot Hack – How to Save/Restore USB Images!


Recently, I’ve been doing more stuff with my USB flash stick, including making a Windows 7 USB Flash installation stick and right now trying the new Google Chrome OS on USB.

Well, I don’t want to buy more USB flash sticks to try different USB OSes but if you use Windows, you are in luck because Windows Image Writer (free software) will let you save/restore USB images at the click of

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Find the Right Drivers for your Windows 7!


The other day I was installing Windows 7 on two of my friend’s older laptops.  I got Windows 7 installed fine but was having trouble finding the right display and audio drivers.

I found that manufacturers such as HP like to make their audio drivers almost impossible to find by re-naming their audio drivers to HP’s proprietary names.   These can make it harder when HP’s support site only provide drivers for Windows XP.

Of course, don’t forget that most Windows Vista drivers will work with Windows 7 in my experience.  So before following this g

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iPad Hacked! – Windows 95 running on the iPad via Emulator!


Here’s a video showing you that Windows 95 can run on the iPad via an emulator. Now, there’s probably no point in running Win95 but this gives us more clues that perhaps there’s a way to run Windows 7 on the iPad. If that’s possible, it will open up more possibilities. I wouldn’t mind having an iPad if it can run both Windows 7 and Ubuntu under some kind of emulator-support (plus networking should work).

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VirtualBox Hack – How to Share Folders on Ubuntu!


For those of you running Ubuntu under VirtualBox like me, you might want to know how to share folders between your host OS and Ubuntu.

It’s pretty simple, just go to Devices->Shared Folders, then add a shared folder like I did above with my D:\ drive on my host Windows 7 and named it “shared”.

Next, make a directory called /share:

sudo mkdir /share

mount it using the command:

sudo mount -t vboxsf share /share

Remember you can change /share in the above command to the any folder name you designated when you have a

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VirtualBox Hack – How to Make Capture Host Key and Keyboards Work Seamlessly with Windows!


Recently, I’ve installed Ubuntu over VirtualBox on my Windows 7 computer because I love using Linux command prompt and SSH, which something can’t be done on Windows 7.  You can go into SSH shell but you can’t do anything like transferring files natively to Windows 7 file system.

Well, i ran into a problem of the capture host key not working properly.  I found out it was because I have a Korean keyboard setup on my Windows 7.

Here’s an easy way to get around it, install scim-bridge-client-qt like this:

sudo apt-get install scim-bridge-cl

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Mac Hack – How to Make a 1984 Macintosh that Runs Snow Leopard OSX!

For those of you who appreciate the first Mac back in January 24th, 1994 as seen in this video:


You will certainly appreciate the efforts of this modder who shows you how to turn a 1984 Macintosh original into a Snow Leopard OSX-running, revamped Macintosh.

Of course, it does mean you will have to swap out most of the parts like a brain surgeon but if you ask me, it’s definitely worth every effort.

The original Macintosh took the the world by storm with its small form factor, and above standard speeds. Thi

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DNS Hack – How to Check your Website on the New Server During DNS Delegation!

One of the biggest problems with moving your server to a new hosting company is when you move the DNS entries, it can take 12-24 hours before your DNS is fully transferred.  During that time, it might not be possible to check if your website has been moved over to the new server correctly.  Here, I show you how to point your computer’s DNS to your new server IP address in Windows so you can load your website on the new server while DNS is still being delegated throu

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Win7 Hack – How to Use Windows 7 Shortcut Keys for Landscape/Vertical Mode!

I just stumbled onto this really cool Windows 7 shortcut key.  In Windows 7, you can rotate your screen very easily in any direction, just try these keys:

Ctrl+ Alt + Left Arrow – Rotate screen Landscape left

Ctrl+ Alt + Right Arrow – Rotate screen Landscape right

Ctrl+ Alt + Down Arrow – Rotate screen Horizontal (Upside Down)

Ctrl+ Alt + Up Arrow – Rotate screen Horizontal (Normal)

These shortcuts would work really well for touchscreen tablets I guess or for some reason you need to quickly show something on your laptop whi

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VMWare DIY – How to Run Ubuntu with Windows 7 in “Unity” mode!

Couple years back, actually exactly 5 years ago, I used to use Linux as my main operating system while Windows XP ran in VMWare Linux.  Well, those days are over because I feel that Windows simply runs slowly inside Linux.  But the other way works, you can always run Ubuntu inside Windows, I think that’s a better way to go if you need both operating systems in one computer.

Today I saw that on that there’s a “unity” mod

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Get rid of Windows 7 Shadows!

Windows 7 comes with Windows 7 Aero theme, which is nice btw.  But some of you may not like the extra shadows that protrude into the background.  For those of you who want to turn that shadow function off, there is a way to do it, follow the directions over at here.

As a tech writer however, at times I need to remove some features of Aero for various articles which is when I discovered how-to remove the Aero Window Shadow.

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