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TokyoFlash Kisai Keychain LED Watch Review!


Our friends over at Tokyo, Japan, TokyoFlash has launched a cool new keychain LED watch called Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch.

This cool watch features USB charging (3.5 hours of charging gives you a month of time), which I really like and of course, the traditional, coolest LED time-tel

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DIY POV Sword!


Remember I made the world’s first-ever golf club POV? (And free Nike ad?)  Well, here’s something similar, it’s a POV sword that’s used as an art performance. [Designer: Moritz Waldemeyer]

Gotta love this, you can follow my golf club POV DIY instructions (also in my e-book) to

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DIY LED Spinning Globe!


We’ve seen many of these cool DIY LED spinning globes in the past but here’s another one that comes with free code so you can refer to it while building your own.

Our friend Csaba Bleuer sent in this crazy project he completed. It is a Rotating LED Globe which is being driven by a ATMega Microcontroller. The globe image was created using a program called BmpToAscii, with this program an image can be converted into Ascii. In this case the Ascii is used to display the globe!

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Business Card Hack – How to Make a Dot Matrix LED Business Card!

Dot Matrix Business Card

Do you work in the field of engineering or any other types of consumer electronics?  Or perhaps you want to work in one?

Look no further as you can “enhance” your status with this dot-matrix LED business card.  Of course, it’s going to cost you a bunch of money to make couple of these but you might just get that “job” for standing out of the crowd.

how about one with a full graphical display on it that can be customised for a number of scrolling messages? This one could be made in quantity for about a $5 parts cost, and it is only a litt

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Spinning 3-Axis DIY LED Orb!

Check out this awesome DIY LED Orb with 3-axis to spin on.  It just looks awesome if you know what I mean.  Of course, I don’t think there’s real purpose to this other than using it as a cool party light but isn’t that what life’s about?

It was very hard to build! I has a lot of problems with the power transfer and failed may times before I got everything working smoothly. Now it runs like a dream. I made it all from very simple materials like wood, VCR-parts, f

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Check out this cool LED mod done on a PSP. This guy somehow managed to stuff bunch of LEDs inside his PSP plus it seems to move in sync with custom PSP programs.

“I wanted the board to fit snugly inside the psp so that if wanted I could keep the umd drive and not have to make any further modifications. I replaced the standard pic with an smd version to keep the whole thing nice and small (the board you see in the images is the prototype version, I’ll replace the through hole

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Medea Vodka with Programmable Scrolling LED Message

It looks like Medea Vodka is trying to promote their Vodka with its latest programmable scrolling LED message so you can personalize the message for your friend’s birthday and whatnot. I think this is a great idea, you can check their site to see if it’s available near where you live.

via make

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Interactive LED Staircase Lights!


If you have a home with a staircase, I bet you a hundred dollars that it’s a pain to turn on the staircase lights at night. Besides that, I bet you leave them on at time by accident, wasting a lot of electricity.

These interactive LED staircase lights could solve all of those problems as they will only turn on when activated by its motion sensors.

I am definitely going to make these when I get a new home.

via hackedgad

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DIY LED Speed Alert Device Helps you Drive Sane!

I admit, I had a problem of driving too fast when I first got my license, cops loved to pull me over and give me a ticket because I was also young.   (Now I know, cops don’t care about youngsters driving, they will pull you over and give you a ticket even if it was something stupid.)

Anyways, now I am older and I don’t really drive that fast anymore and even when I get pulled over, cops usually let me go with a warning.

For those of you teenagers and people who can’t seem to slow down, you might benefit from this

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LED Hack – How to Make your own OLED!

Wow, here’s something that’s gonna really blow your mind, you can actually learn how to make your own OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes)!

I guess the process isn’t hard as it seems plus once you master this art, that means you can make your own custom LEDs for your projects.  I, for one will try this in the near future for my LED projects. (or is it OLED projects now?)

via hackaday

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