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LED DIY – How to Make a Self-Sustaining DIY LED Flashlight!


With a coil, couple miniature magnets and an LED, did you know that you can make your own self-sustaining DIY LED flashlight?

I know, it’s mind boggling that you can build one yourself and it’s so simple.    Now, please add a circuit so it will “charge” a re-chargeable lithium battery, that will make it puuuurfect.

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LED DIY – How to make a Touch-sensitive RGB LED Mood Lamp!


For those of you who want to make your own mood lamp, consider making a “touch-sensitive” DIY RGB LED Mood Lamp such as this one that will interact with your fingertips.

I always really wanted a cool LED Mood Light, but all of them I have seen on Instructables use IC’s, and I find IC’s take out some of the fun of building circuits. That is the reason

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DIY Equinox LED Clock!


When it comes to LED clocks these days, it’s not only about functionality and features but also about design. In this case, the DIY Equinox LED Clock has a good mix of both, I would seriously want to have one of these in my living room (and yes proud).

The clock is equipped with 60 RGB leds making any color palette possible. In this version of the software the color

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LED Wood Furniture!


Want some new, unique furniture that will splice up your home?  How about making some LED wood furniture such as this?

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LED DIY – How to Make DIY Girly LED Lamps!


We’ve featured a ton of LED projects and lamps on but most of them are built by men.   Well, for ladies out there or as great presents to your ladies friends, here’s how to make DIY “girly” LED lamps that most involve making the decorations, not soldering the LEDs themselves.

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DSLR Hack – How to Build a Ring Flash!


For photographers who use DSLR cameras to take professional photos, you know that ring flash is one of the better flashes that will allow you to take better photos at night and even during the day.

Well, I’ve always wanted to get a new ring flash for my Canon 7D but I don’t want to spend

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LED Bathtub Syncs to Music and iPods!


Here’s something that would make my life better, an LED bathtub that changes colors while you bath in sync with your iPod or favorite MP3 player.

You can bathe and relax in hues of orange, blue, pink, red, fluorescent white or any color that soothes your senses. The control panel can be used to turn on the bath and the illumination. In case you are not sure what color you want to bathe with, you can plug in your iPod or an MP3 player and see the colors changing with the rhythm.

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DIY Bi-Color LED Clock!



Here’s another fantastic minimalist LED clock that uses a bi-color green-red LED to tell time with blinks.   This could actually work well as it will fit perfectly in your wall socket.

The author has complete build schematics and even code for you to make one yourself.

via hackedgadgets,

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IKEA Hack – How to Make an RGB LED Lamp!



Tired of the same old lamp you bought from IKEA?  Don’t worry you don’t have to throw the lamp away (just yet), learn how to make an RGB LED lamp!

Not only will you have more fun with the different colors you will also save a bunch more energy with energy-efficient LEDs.

via hackedgadgets, Project Pa

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LED DIY – How to Make a Blinky LED Clock!


Wanna make couple of these blinky LED clocks for your home and leave your guests wondering what time of the day it is?

Well, these DIY blinky LED clocks solve that problem, the user will have to count how many red, green, and blue blinks there are to tell time.  (still easier than telling time with TokyoFlash LED watches)

Hey, it’s an art, not to really the most efficient way to tell time but it might help you sleep counting the blinks at night.   1….2….3….Zzzzzzzzzz…


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