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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone-Controlled Laser Matrix Projector!


Here’s a really cool laser matrix projector project that can be controlled via an iPhone!

The idea is to add some kind of projector capability to mobile phone (e.g. iPhone) that isn’t too complex or expensive.  Instead of using an expensive mini projector, I decided to use lasers instead to any bitmap font using a matrix of laser points, which is controlled by iPhone.

via hacknmod

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LED DIY – How to Make an RGB LED Color Detector!


Have we gone LED hacking crazy today?  Yes, here’s a real simple way to make an RGB LED color detector, this might be a good project you can implement for your future devices.

Have you ever wanted an automated way to detect the color of an object? By shining light of a certain color on the object and looking at how much light is reflected back, you can tell what color the object is. For example, if you shine a red light on a red object, that light will be reflected back. If you shine

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LED DIY – How to Make a Color Changing Crystal Ball!


Here’s a quick LED that shows you how to make a color changing crystal ball.  Not as tight as the RGB Color changing orb I made couple years back but still a great project.

Hey ! I’m gonna show you a very easy to make decorative object which uses one single RGB color-changing LED.

via instructables

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DIY – How to Make an LED Matrix Dice!


For all you gambling-addicts, you might be surprised to learn that there is a way to simulate crap dice on an LED matrix, here’s a cool DIY project for that.

    Fact: I am a new D&D player. Problem: Having to roll many kinds of dice, which get lost and end up it other player’s hands. Solution: Build an n-sided dice. Method: Take two 5×7 led displays, connect them to an ATmega168, toss in a Freescale’s 3-axis MMA7260QT accelerometer and program some code.

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UV DIY – How to Make a UV LED Exposure Box!


I thought I’d post this cool UV LED exposure box since it “looked” super cool and there’s plenty uses for this hacked gadget.

The author of the DIY UV LED box made it orginally for PCB work and whatnot but you can also use it to “disinfect” your silverware and anything that need UV-disinfecting.

Anyways, great DIY and good for reference on your future DIY project.

A UV exposure box is an extremely useful piece of kit. It can be used to make proper PCB’s. It can also be used to make other things such as intricate photo etched par

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Thank you.


It’s been exactly 2 years, 7 months, and 26 days since this site was started.  In the beginning, this site wasn’t even a real blog, I used basic HTML code to create couple pages that looked like a blog.

Of course, after using WordPress and started covering more DIYs, HOWTOs, gadgets, and other cool tech stuff, we began to grow and grow.

As you can see, the initial traffic spike was caused by some of

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Arduino Hack – How to Make your Own Knight Rider Scanner!


My old friend Garrett Mace over at (also @macegr on Twitter) has been tinkering and released his own ShiftBrite RGB LED module.  It’s currently out of stock but he says he will have more of them soon.  (You can also check out Garrett’s previous DIYs he did on here)

You can make an easy Knight Rider Sca

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The Pharox LED Bulbs!


Yey, we finally have LED bulbs from Pharox that greatly increases the efficiency of light bulbs while lasting 50 times longer.  I have to say these LEDs are very handy for projects too while they don’t really product enough heat to hurt you even when you touch them.  Cool stuff.

The Pharox LED bulb produces a warm glow equivalent to that of a 40Watt incandescent bulb, but uses only 5Watts of energy. The Pharox bulb is compatible with standard fittings and has a stylish design that looks more like a traditional incandescent bulb, yet is 90 p

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Multi-Touch DIY – How to Build a Multi-Touch Surface Computer!


Microsoft Surface may be an easy option for businesses to get a multi-touch surface computer but they did not invent it nor is it the only viable option to having one yourself.

The guys over at MaximumPC has done a fantastic job of documenting how to build a multi-touch surface computer all from scratch using open-source multi-touch software Touchlib.  I find it facinating that the multi-touch is

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Cool Toy – LED Bubble Gun!


Bubble guns have been popular around the world but now there’s even a better bubble gun that implements LEDs for super-lightning effects at night, the LED Bubble Gun!

LEDs were first invented by the Russians in the 1920s, now they are used to enhance products like

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