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DIY LED Mohawk Helmet!


If you are looking for something really cool to wear to your next rave party, here’s a DIY LED Mohawk helmet you can make, which gives you powerful RGB color-changing lights and I am sure everyone will complement you on this for sheezy.

Best of, this LED Mohawk helmet doesn’t just impress you with changing colors but it “syncs” to the music, very well done indeed. via hackedgadgets,

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How to Make a DIY SMS Text Party LED Scroller!


Using a Google Voice account, a web server, BetaBrite scrolling LED, Brian Gaut from has created a DIY party LED scroller that lets your friends and guests to SMS text sorta like those large displays at shows and events.

Best of all, Brian posted all of his PHP code so you can easily replicate it, you only have to buy the parts.

After testing the sign at a party held at home, I noticed that people really seemed to enjoy it. One part of it that led to people enjoying it was the fa

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How to Build a Music-Syncing LED Display!


Next time you listen to your favorite dubstep music (one of my favorite genres btw), you will definitely want to enhance your listening experience by building yourself a music-syncing LED display that will sync to every beat and it’s a great project that anyone can tackle.

See full HOWTO at

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How to Make a Resin-Based Color-Changing DIY Door Handle!


Using layers of resin and a strip of color-changing RGB LEDs, folks at have created a magnificent-looking door handle that looks very modern and would be more suited for a nightclub as it’s that awesome-lookin’.

The process seems pretty simple enough, make a resin-based door handle, stick a color-changing RGB LEDs on the back of the handle. But you have to give credit, this is a really great idea, thanks to the creators. I will have to definitely put this on my priority list of DIY projects for the future.

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Wireless LED Floodlight Review!


Recently, I’ve been looking for floodlight replacement for my house because the old one was breaking and didn’t work all that well.

Well, I went to Home Depot and they had a bunch of them but they all cost like over $100 plus you needed to wire them directly to your home’s AC power.

After doing some more research with solar LED lights and other floodlights, I found this great little wireless L

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DIY Doggy Style Persistence of Vision!


POV or Persistence of Vision where you use flashing LED lights to display letters in motion, has always been a fun way to learn about LEDs and circuits.   You might remember I invented the world’s first Golf club POV, which was capable of showing letters/images while you swing the golf club.

Well, there’s a DIY Doggy Style (literally doggy dog) POV someone has managed to put together with his furry little helper helping him in pitch darkness.

Mounting 5 LEDs on a moving

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Affordable Wireless Motion-Sensing LED Floodlight!


Problem with most traditional wired floodlights is that they must be “wired” and that means drilling holes in the walls of your home and that can sometimes be bad (if you install it wrong).  Besides that, you might actually spend more money as for most motion-sensing wired floodlights are in the $100-200 range.

But why bother with all that when you can get these Wireless Motion-Sensing LED floodlights (that run on three D batteries for a year) and install them everywhere around your house

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DIY LED World Control Panel Kim Jong Il Would Want!


Want to dominate the world?  Check out this nifty DIY World Control panel that lets you control the world(sorta) with its special buttons.

This could be great toy for your growing-up James Bond and communist toddlers.

My son Harlan and his friend love to play “agents” and he asked me if we coud build “a panel that has a bunch of switches that turn on some random lights”. We worked on it for about 3 weeks, and this is what we came up with.

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DIY Disco LED Lights!


Imagine your livingroom/playroom filled with LED lights and animated LED shelving.

Now imagine it syncing with your favorite music and you can have a small group dance party!

The shelves and ceiling have a refresh rate of 30Hz and can generate over 30 thousand colors per pixel. A pixel is a single shelf or can light in this case. Not bad for a few bucks and hours of spare time. Best part, Both the shelves and ceiling consume less than 50 Watts when fully lit. And less than 10 on

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LED DIY – How to Make an Animated LED Brick Wall!


Here’s just a simply awesome LED DIY project you can do for your home and impress your friends, learn how to make an animated LED brick wall! This system uses Arduino, I2C protocol, and PC application to control it. This would be wonderful if you could control it with your Android phone.

The total of 121 BlinkM’s are divided into 2 blocks: 1 block of 6 horizontal ‘strands’, and 1 block of 5 horizontal ‘str

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